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  1. So I've had a couple of days with the Corolla. I am delighted so far! The drive up from Kent was really fun using the adaptive cruise control and the lane tracing on the motorway made life very very easy. I averaged about 51 mpg over the 500 miles or so doing a mix of 60-70 and some extended periods well above the speed li... [REDACTED ON THE ADIVCE OF LEGAL COUNSEL] I didn't notice any undue noise as others have commented on. It isn't the quietest car but its just kinda average for noise. It is exceptionally good at keeping up with the lane 3 traffic. The part leather seats in the design trim are amazing. Very comfy and the material feels great. This is the first car I've had with the smart door locking and that is very cool and is definitely something I would miss on a car in future. I was surprised to see the car came with a space-saver wheel. Apparently you can only get it on models without the panoramic sun roof because of the weight and CO2 emissions ETC. The car looks much better in person than on the website. The 17 inch alloys are particularly attractive and look very sporty. One quirk which I don't like/haven't worked out yet is the voice control on the android auto. When I'm using android auto the voice control button activates the car's own voice control, not google. To use the google one you need to touch the button on the screen and this seems a bit odd. I also wish there was a better spot to put my right foot when using cruise control for extended periods like there is for the left. Final niggle: the auto hold feature needs to be activated every time the car is started. On the Golf it stayed on every time when you turned the car on and off. I will need to get in the habit of pressing it each time I get in the car and put my seatbelt on. Small niggles but I thought I needed to present a balanced view. Overall it is a lovely car and a real pleasure to drive. I will get some photos once it has been cleaned up a bit from the drive.
  2. Checked and mine doesn't seem to have that bump
  3. I'll check mine when I pick it up tomorrow
  4. The pillar is more likely correct. Where in the book does it tell you the pressure? In the one I've got it just says look at the door sticker.
  5. I'm definitely not manly enough for a Bullworker. A shakeweight is more my thing. Thanks for the info about the oil!
  6. I want additional oil change between services because the car care nut convinced me it's a good idea. Also I want something in my life that makes me feel more manly.
  7. It's a lot cheaper and still uses less fuel. If someone doesn't care about acceleration/fun factor the 2.0 is madness.
  8. Does anyone else do their own oil changes? I haven't done it for a long time myself but want to do changes myself outside the 10k mile servicing. How much oil do you need to buy to fill it up? Any opinions on what oil to buy?
  9. I just configured a Trek on both the UK and Italian sites. Looking at the rotating picture thing the one from the UK clearly has the little circles on the body indicating integrated parking sensors. The one from Italy clearly does not. For some reason it seems in Italy they don't provide the integrated one. Very strange IMO.
  10. Car arrived at dealer today. Will hopefully collect Monday 25 weeks from order date.
  11. Car arrived at dealer today. Will hopefully collect Monday 25 weeks from order date.
  12. I'm impressed they managed to move that under its own power at all. Real wheel drive has its advantages I suppose.
  13. The gr sports is beautiful. Will definitely be a good buy for someone who likes the looks and HUD. I might have got one but was too expensive so went for design instead.
  14. Best thing would to get a look at the exact model in person before ordering if possible. That way everything can be looked at to see what is included or not.
  15. So I've jock'd my way out of the ticket situation. It seems until September this year you can change the day of an advance ticket and just pay any price difference. I'll be going down on Monday for the car!! Pics to follow in another thread.
  16. On the auris it's behind a vent facing the door at the side.
  17. All above is sound advice. Main thing is oil changes at 10k miles or once per year whichever is first. Apart from that the car will be fine. It's a Toyota. Change the oil and it will last longer than you will.
  18. To be fair the 2.0 needs it with its noisy fuel injection system.
  19. Pretty sure that's only a thing on Excel and trek trims (UK anyway)
  20. Most of those that you look at say you can 'order yours now' in the description. Little bit misleading when the ad itself says brand new and has a photo of an actual car. Clickbait basically. That said there will be some new cars out there but they'll be few, far between and not discounted.
  21. The build itself takes about 15 hours according to Toyota. The build stage lasted maybe 4 days for me.
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