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  1. Hi All im about to become owner of a 2011 1.6L Toyota auris, it was my grans car and she recently passed away so I want to make a few adjustments to make it look a bit cooler, I've been looking around on the internet for some inspiration and came across the Toyota Auris Kompressor model of my car and that's pretty much what I want to do, initially I thought it would be very minimal however on a more in depth looks it seems like the Kompressor has got a body kit on it, are there any kits that would offer the same effect or if anyone else has any other mods etc that they would recommend (interior or exterior) that would be great. I've also pondered the fact of adding some kind of smart screen/Apple car play however don't know how feasible this would be. See below pictures I found of google of the 'Kompressor' and my soon to be Auris. Thanks Joe
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