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  1. I'd agree, it nice but needs turning up a bit,too subtle. i even researched the lighting package toyota have , on their page its appears to be way more effective but its a bit pricey.
  2. I bought the 2L excel in November. I wanted the power as i didn't want a big drop in performance compared to my previous car. For the first month i drove as economically as i could keeping safety in mind ( like not being to slow when joining a motorway ). I got upto 49.6 mpg , from what I've read so far from other drivers who use a mixture of roads types thats about what you can expect at this time of year with the colder weather, (engine fetting to temperature, using heated seats etc) However like yourself, im not a boy racer but i do enjoy driving, so since January I've just driven without worrying about my fuel economy, using the power as i would have in my previous car. My mpg has dropped to 47.6 and hasn't gone lower. I will do the same test when we have warmer weather but my figures should only improve. My driving style sounds similar to yours so i think you would find similar results to me. I enjoy using the power, i wouldn't trade the power for better fuel economy in the 1.8L, especially when the car is loaded up with my family and all our gear when we go away on trips etc.
  3. Blind spot mirrors would be great, more concealed storage compartments but most of all I miss my heated windscreen on my previous car but having cooling option for the seats would be great. i think in the summer I'm going to really miss this function
  4. I'm got mine in November, glad i got the 2ltr too, I'm doing a mixture of driving with a motorway in the middle of my commute. My mpg has dropped from 49.6 to 48.7 in the colder weather, i can't say I've been trying too hard mind, i enjoy driving plus I'm new to hybrid so i probably have lots of room for improvement.
  5. I saw some that at first looked like a good solution , even have a little compartment for coins but they dont seen to make one without blocking the usb port. I keep my work phone etc in the there too so the shelf would mean that wouldn't fit. Shame because if i found one that was molded to fit right to the bottom of the compartment then i think it would work great for me
  6. 👍 I did look at those, toyota do one and its looking like the best option for loose change. There are better ones out there than toyota one, lights up when you open the lid for example but lots are designed as ash trays so you would struggle getting your fingers in to pock up coins.
  7. I had a few storage compartments that you could close in my last car, i could store receipts it one , cash in another , sunglasses etc, everything was concealed and easy to access. Has anyone found any good storage solutions that doesn't leave it all on show. Glove box is a decent size, central console is ok but i don't want to be rummaging through them looking for coins.
  8. I dont mine the black gloss thats there now but i thought I'd see how these looked, felt the steering wheel was just a bit to plain.
  9. All sorts of colours and finishes available, i just gooled toyota corolla steering wheel accessories, amazon , ebay etc there are lots of places thst do them. Think i paid about £17
  10. Probably not to everyone's taste but the steering wheel was a bit plain in my opinion so i tried these stick on trims. I prefer the look and also find it helps find the right button when feeling for it while driving.
  11. I used mine for the first time when someone decided to cut into my lane without looking at the weekend..... i burst out laughing when i heard it. Maybe its designed to prevent road rage by making you laugh 😁
  12. The detachable toe bar is my next project to get done in the spring to use as a bike rack or to take a luggage box , toyota gave me a quote when i bought it but its a bit cheeper elsewhere.
  13. I had whispbars on my last car ,did look neat and are very quiet but the wing is too wide for the attachment brakets i have, using the t- bolts is really awkward . Thats why I'm trying to find dimensions of the ones sold by toyota .
  14. First of many questions... I have a corrola estate 20 plate, i need roof bars and have looked on the toyota site, but they don't give much information. I much prefer ones with good aerodynamics mainly for noise reduction. I spoke to my local dealer who dont have any for me to look at as i also want to check the dimensions of the bar to ensure they would work with my current equipment. Does anyone here have these bars or what alternatives are best. Not sure if other branded one will have the studs that go into the holes on the rails.
  15. Thanks, Its the 2.0. I reset the mpg gauge when i got it, currently running at 49.6 mpg and seems to be rising still, i have it in eco mode. Interested to know what to realistically expect in eco mode then see what its like in normal mode .I do a mixture of motorway and town driving. I have plenty of questions to ask .
  16. Hi all, new member here. Never had a toyota before, never had a hybrid before so all bit of a new experience.
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