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  1. 33 minutes ago, bathtub tom said:

    No. This describes the sytem better than I: https://innovationdiscoveries.space/car-air-conditioning-ac-system-function-components-and-working-principle/

    The receiver/dryer contains a dessicant.

    thanks for the info, after checking, i have fount the reciever/drier is part of the condenser, i have ordered one and will change it saturday, i had contemplated replacing that, now i have decided to.

  2. 5 hours ago, Stivino said:

    A word of warning, if you are going to replace seals, that will mean pulling the pipework apart.  The pipes might not want to come out and you’ll do more harm than good trying to get them out. (Been there, done that)

    If all goes well, I take it you’ll be going to re-gas it yourself. If so, the gas you’ll use will have the right percentage of oil in it. All you’ll have to do is put the right weight of gas in.

     How do you know the 2nd hand compressor is better than the one on the car, are you going to overhaul the new one?

     I think the best advice anyone could give you would be to take it to an expert and let them repair it because, it should really be vacuum tested before anything is done.

    if the pipes didnt want to seperate i wasnt going to force them as whatever is holding them together is obviously creating a good seal and it would be daft to break that...

    i was not going to regas it myself i was going to take it to a garage for that.

    i dont really know the 2nd hand compressor is better than the one currently on the car, and unless i can properly clean the internals out i wont use it as i know some dirt etc will have made its way inside during transport.  i do plan on overhauling the 2nd hand one if possible, but if not i will just use the original one.

    i also planned on taking it for a full vacuum test before i even attemp to have gas put in.


    5 hours ago, bathtub tom said:

    If it hasn't been working for a couple of years and all the gas has escaped, then I'd suspect you'll need a new dryer too. Before you spend too much, it might be worth having it vacuum tested after it's re-furbed and before gas is added.

    by a new drier, do you mean the condenser infront of the radiator?

  3. I Own a 2002 mk1 yaris, love the car to bits but ac isnt working.   I KNOW there is no refigerant in the system so it needs a regas, im gonna change all the o rings before i get regassed too, i figure stop them causing a problem before they start as i have no idea how old they are...  also i assume the clutch on the compressor is internal as i cant see any sign of an external clutch on the one on my car or the new one.

    i have purchased a second hand compressor that i am planning to replace mine with, but it was shipped with nothing sealing the pipe holes, so in sure some dirt etc has gotten inside.  what would be the best product to flush the pump out with to make sure its clean inside?

    the new pump obviously has no oil inside either and im not sure how much may or may not be in the compressor currently on the car, as its has been almost 2 years i have had the car without the ac working or being touched i am assumung that there will have been leakage over time (approx 30000 miles) so i would also like to know if anyone can tell me what oil i need to put in and how much?  i know it will be PAG oil but i dont know what grade...


    any help greatly appreciated guys 🙂


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