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  1. Will order some blue T Cut see if that works. Cheers guys will update accordingly.
  2. Morning All, I was welcoming my 2nd born into the world and left my car unattended for nearly a week. When I got back to it the local birds decided to use it as target practice. I only managed to wash it a couple days after I noticed it. I think the birds acid has eaten through the paint of my 4 month old RAV 😞 any advice on how to sort it or does it need to be painted again? i have attached pictures to kinda see but looks much worse in real life.
  3. Type in British Gas EV and someone called Andrew S***d comes up as head of EV B2B sales. Might be worth a punt
  4. If you have a LinkedIn account you can do some searches for senior figures and start messaging them till you get a reply.
  5. I have not used it other than to test how it works. I do plan to use it in the summer...mainly when the tempreatures go up allot.. Ill use it as an office with my work laptop and having the AC on blast.
  6. I have not even found how to set a charge schedule. I can choose eco on the hive app which only allows charging from 00:00-08:00. The Toyota App is frustrating that you can’t put multi day schedule so it’s inappropriate for my needs. To go off topic a bit the schedule for the cabin heating is also very random if it starts or not plugged or unplugged. Not sure how the outside temperature effects it but if it’s low it don’t turn on and we have to manually turn it on.
  7. No soon as I got the notification that my car would arrive late January and phoned up BG. Not once have they ever verified I own a rav4.
  8. Got my installation date of the 2nd March. One thing that I have found amusing for this whole process is no one has ever asked for my car details I.e proof I own the car.
  9. No indication of when it will be installed I’ll probably give them a call on Monday if I not heard anything. You might want to give them a call to checkup on things it’s been over a week for yourself. Never had to wait in a queue or anything so should be quick to get an update.
  10. Everything was 0 on the invoice so no idea on the true price. Mine was less than a 24 hour turnaround from virtual visit to quote. Probably worth chasing yours unless it was a more complex installation.
  11. Had to pay for £49 deposit and another 30 when done. But that’s just because I chose the tethered version otherwise would have been free.
  12. Where are you guys getting the hive charger information? On my invoice I can see “Installation of Alfen S Line tethered EV charger”
  13. Thats correct just got my invoice. Now waiting on a date for instaltaion.
  14. Perhaps I missunderstoof what he said. The house itself has 60a. Yes it was mentioned if his number went over the DNO would need to change the supply. I just sent him an email asking for clarrification on how he worked it all out. to quote the email "I have carried out the load assessment on your property and it is theoretically slightly higher than your fuse rating." I guess this more if everything plugged in was on and every appliance was on and the car charging at the same time we would go over. If I can find a website that I can enter all my appliances and such I can work out the total my house uses.
  15. Strange my engineer also tested positive but I got a call on the 4th to tell me they just changed the in person visit to a video call. Same date and time as before.
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