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  1. See thats all good in my eyes,but i get um u know... ringin finkin they know what there talkin about when infact they got it all wrong and then look silly and cause me more work than needed..
  2. Dont get me wrong GT4 Booster,%$(in handy to have as a ref but its when i get people call me at work and they have looked a bit up and order it to find out they looked the wrong bit up.. makes my job ten times harder.. id rather look it up myself and get it wrong :) - see where i coming from..?
  3. Id say its just the 5th gear synchro thats knackar'd.. very unlikly that 5th gear is actually shot.. but if ure gonna whip the box out could always play safe and do the whole lot just in case but like twincam says $250 bar is kinda steep if its not needed...
  4. Yeah,there is such a thing.. my mate bought one... and was gutted to find out after it were fitted...
  5. Toyota did used to make one... PT No. 00062-20030 but its been discontinued
  6. Ive not seen 100ron either.... tesco is the closest @ 99ron.. Is V-Power really 100ron ?
  7. My converter also delimited my import.. So id say get yourself a two in one job and ditch the dial covers thats been installed. :) Hope this helps.. Oh should say that i got it from ebay for 35 quid i fink.. Eurobob
  8. Toyo proxy's on mine.. Do the trick in all weathers for me
  9. I got a 91 in merlin grey.. She were involed in a crash and has been off the road for 7 months... but will at some point live again....
  10. If u really want a Supra U'd be best off with a N/A one.. even then its still gonna cost a small fortune to keep it on the road..I drive a gas guzzling celica,and im 26 and insurance is still kinda high,well i fink so.. I couldnt afford it at 17 cos my wages were *****... but if u can afford it fair play... just make sure u get some life insurance at the same time ay.. Good luck with the test and happy huntin for a car.. Euro Bob
  11. Just buy one ! You wont regret it... although like people say... It might be worth taking out some shares with BP Or Shell ! Euro BoB
  12. Looks great... .. Would be great to see some photos really showing off the pink flake.. propper girlie but hay ho... your a girl... and u lot all like pink :) Euro bob
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