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  1. Yep, it's definitely all the way up. Strangely, it doesn't rattle if it's not all the way up.
  2. Actually, after further investigation, it appears to be the driver's side window that's rattling. Anyone had this same issue? Thanks.
  3. I love my new RAV4 PHEV, but there is a rattle that comes from the driver's side seatbelt housing that's driving me nuts. Has anyone else had this, and if so how was it resolved? Thanks.
  4. I had actually saved both of those you've recommend to my Amazon wish list. Thanks for confirming they work guys 😁
  5. My RAV4 PHEV arrived today, and I need a bag for the charging cable. Has anyone bought one they'd recommend? Thanks.
  6. July sounds about right. The wait for PHEVs seems to be much shorter than HEVs.
  7. I've just been informed that my PHEV Dynamic Premium will be delivered to me next Thursday by my dealership. Can't wait 😀
  8. When did you order, and also which colour did you go for?
  9. Is that a credible source? It seems unlikely that Toyota would go to the expense of face-lifting a model 2 years in a row.
  10. I ordered my RAV4 PHEV Dynamic Premium in Silver Blade on the 22nd of December, and I've been told it'll reach the dealer on the 11th of May. The vehicle is apparently in transit. So I'm surprised you've been told your vehicle may take until October to arrive if you ordered in January. Maybe they've been too optimistic with the date they gave me.
  11. Ordered mine in January, originally stated for delivery 20th if May, now delayed until the 14th if June.
  12. Thanks for posting that. I have the same spec in the same colour on order, so it's lovely to be able to see what it'll look like.
  13. It's a huge shame Toyota don't produce an Excel spec PHEV, or just make Dynamic Premium the same as the US XSE. It makes no sense having to go HEV to get the best spec. Oh well maybe the next RAV4 will be better, unless it's replaced by the new bZ4x.
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