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  1. Because, the SR is a Uk spec level. I am in southern Ireland so as far as they are concered such a part does not exist. Not true, I happen to know they have access to ALL regions and parts. If they say it's not on their system they need to go back out of it and select the region it's likely to be in. In other words, they're fobbing you off or they're idiots. :E
  2. I think it's already been proven that the majority of super car owners, particularly Aston owners (due to a survey) do also own a smart car to get around in for every day use. Smart idea from Aston, it'd be nice to see Aston do so well independently from any major car manufacturer now and if this is what it takes then I welcome it. At least they didn't use a smart car as the base for a cygnet ;)
  3. I'm afraid to say Reece is right, you really shouldn't get ice on the inside.... Unless you're calling something else ice when it really isn't and/or you live in Siberia you should not be getting ice inside your car. If I was getting ice inside my car, I'd be straight to the dealers!! As for the mould... get it to the dealers, that ain't right in any shape or form.
  4. Although that's been true in the past, I'm really starting to believe that it's all change from here since Akio took the reigns :D How many other CEO's use a well known pseudonym to slag off the dull cars his company makes? Hopefully my optimism is justified!
  5. Very nice! :D Two questions... what tyres are you rolling on, and is that satnav thing an official Toyota part or an incredibly good after market match? :E
  6. :0 I wonder what the yanks rated it in the states as a Scion.
  7. I dunno, that sky blue one posted looks a bit camp... must be a 3 door RAV owners thing? :D on a serious note, it looks a bit dull and docile... where as the first one at least looked aggressive and interesting. The sky blue one looks far too much like the current style to me personally. :)
  8. It needs a G Sport concept though, V6 ;)
  9. Well, I for one quite like it. Must be a youth thing... /runs
  10. Awww So close :D I thought I was nearly spotted then, but the date of the post is 7 days out BabyG. I've not seen another SR 1.8 either since getting mine, well, I've (ironically) seen my old red one once on the M5. Not sure that counts as I previously owned it for a year before getting my black 1.8SR :D
  11. I think the affordable one will be the stripped down N/A Track one which you posted a link to the other day Norfolk! That tuned turbo one, minus the carbon (unless they do want you to pay a pretty price for it? I'm not sure how much that stuff costs to Toyota as they have their own mill things to make it now!) will prolly be 30k plus as mentioned! :D Get what ye pay for tho I s'pose! Also, I can't find the link now but on one of the many places reporting on the G sports cars, they reckon the FT-86 and MR2 will at least hit the states... :D That Supercharged IQ might be a bit of a laugh as well :lol:
  12. That's what I'm talking about! :D
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