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  1. The speedo and trip is MPH, the display is japanese and does not have the mpg or mph lettering Only has a1km/l. The agents who imported it, had to blank this out with tape so the vehicle can pass the uk Dvsa test. So I imagine the kml display lettering can be ignored as the system was calibrated to mpg and mph.
  2. I check all the tyres, no roof bars, air vent to battery in centre console is under driver seat and has no mesh is clean. The oil is very clean and air filter in engine bay was clean also. The previous owner in Japan had kept it in good condition. Looks new in and out even with 140km.
  3. Hi guys thanks for all the responses. I did a little check to make sure I was getting correct calculations. The obd display shows in km but actually is in miles. My bad I was mislead by the km sign. I can now confirm I am getting 75 miles to 14 litres of fuel, that's short journeys from 2 miles upto 10 miles. However the trip display does show 25 mpg on my last recorded trip. I think I will have the service done with a general battery health check. Sorry for all the confusion, this is my first hybrid and Japanese car.
  4. I can't find the filter. The 5 seater has it on the floor of the rear seats, unsure where it is on the 7 seater model.
  5. Thanks for this. Very informative. I will look into the traction battery and the blower fan filter too. Thank you for all the help.
  6. Hi. Thanks for the reply, yes the battery on display does show charge bars.
  7. Its a prius plus 7 seater has a CX badge on the tailgate. The speedo was changed to MPH when the dvsa check was done. But the trip computer still shows km. Will get you the vin number later if still needed.
  8. Hi, I got no warning lights, no wierd noises. I havent had a diagnostics machine plugged in yet. The mpg is really low, I may try a clutch change but unsure if this may help towards better mpg.
  9. Hi guys and gals. This is my first post. I have a prius plus imported, and only been driving it for 2 months now. Its a 2014 cx model, 1.8.ltr with 140000km on the clock. I'm unsure on its service history or clutch change as all docs are in Japanese. As usual I put in £20 petrol when I fuel up, that's about 14 litres. I drive in ECO mode and hardly ever switch to power mode as I am only doing local computes. I am only getting 75km (46 miles) for 14 litres. This looks really low to me, as my other cars were 2ltr diesels, and 1.4 petrols were giving a lot more. I reset the meter l, and I did a 120 mile trip on the motorway, I put in a full tank and only used half on motorway , the remaining half tank was used on local roads. On this occasion I only got 260km that's 161 miles. Has anyone else had similar mpg? What's the usual cause? And what mpg should I be getting?
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