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  1. That's a bit of a trek for me, it'll be a B in Maidstone and Gillingham, I've only used them for the four year service so can't really comment on how good/bad they'll be with fiddly things like this. I'm not too fussed about the cost, I just need it sorted. The annoying thing was I booked it with a local firm on Monday to install a Pioneer SPH-EVO62DAB, checked with them on Friday that they've got everything they needed after several phone calls and pictures being sent, I even offered to bring the car in ahead of time before so they could properly look at it, but that apparently wasn't necessary. Of course an hour after dropping it off on Monday I got a call..."errr...sorry we can't get the facia to fit, so we can't install it" meaning I'm back to square one. I have got a couple of irons in the fire with replacement units on-line, so I'll probably use the above quick fix by disconnecting the sat nav and get a decent auto sparky to fit the recon unit.
  2. Cheers, he is a mechanic, not one I've used but the local Facebook group rave about him. I didn't think the warranty would cover audio after three years? I have heard tale that Toyota really kick up a stink arguing the toss.
  3. Cracking - many thanks, that's my Boxing Day morning project sorted!
  4. Cheers, I think you're probably right and it is a goner - I think I'll probably have a butchers on fleabay or one of the breakers sites for a reconditioned / second hand unit and find a local auto sparky to fit it.
  5. Hello, First time poster hoping for some help. I've got a 67 plate 1.2 petrol Auris (Excel) and the console (so sat nav/radio/reversing camera) doesn't boot up. It stays on the Toyota logo and every few minutes tries to boot up again to no avail. I'm not sure if it is a software or hardware, but the fact the logo shows makes me believe it is software. It was problematic for a few weeks rebooting randomly but always restarting, however a couple of weeks ago I stalled and it has never booted back up. I disconnected the battery for about 30 minutes the same night to see if it'll reset but no luck. I've got someone who'll be able to look at it next week with an Autel MK908P, which he thinks he can do an update or programming with, but he's never used it for that as of yet. If all else fails I've got it booked into Toyota in early January. I just wondered if anyone has had this problem and has resolved it or if it is only a main dealer thing. Many thanks
  6. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

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