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  1. Happy Birthday cmarshall!

  2. Hi all, just wondering what tuning options are available for the compressor? Are there any remaps available? Many thanks
  3. I dont find the lift too extreme, but at the end of the day its not a very fast car
  4. Will aftermarket 18" kei alloys fit onto a celica t sport
  5. Mine is up for sale going cheap, check the for sale section
  6. No problems with the car, never really use it. Saving to emigrate so getting something a bit more sensible
  7. No i haven't, went to triton today but was unfortunately closed due to the sunseeker rally. My next day off is saturday so will check then, but fingers crossed the noise is gone and wont come back
  8. its def not the brakes? Yeah definately not them, the noise hasnt been back last few days but im sure it will be so taking it in to triton tomorrow morning (first day off in ages)
  9. Yep, gets set off by bumps
  10. Getting a rubbing noise from the front drivers side wheel, checked for loose panels and nothing, strange thing is the noise can go and not come back for a while but inevitably it always comes back. An ideas
  11. No the link in my signature is to my old yaris t sport. Pics can be sent to a mobile if requested
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