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  1. Hi all, just wondering what tuning options are available for the compressor? Are there any remaps available? Many thanks
  2. I dont find the lift too extreme, but at the end of the day its not a very fast car
  3. Will aftermarket 18" kei alloys fit onto a celica t sport
  4. Mine is up for sale going cheap, check the for sale section
  5. No problems with the car, never really use it. Saving to emigrate so getting something a bit more sensible
  6. No i haven't, went to triton today but was unfortunately closed due to the sunseeker rally. My next day off is saturday so will check then, but fingers crossed the noise is gone and wont come back
  7. its def not the brakes? Yeah definately not them, the noise hasnt been back last few days but im sure it will be so taking it in to triton tomorrow morning (first day off in ages)
  8. Yep, gets set off by bumps
  9. Getting a rubbing noise from the front drivers side wheel, checked for loose panels and nothing, strange thing is the noise can go and not come back for a while but inevitably it always comes back. An ideas
  10. No the link in my signature is to my old yaris t sport. Pics can be sent to a mobile if requested
  11. The car has been in the country about 4 months now it was checked out at Millway which is a performance specialist before i purchased it where it was MOT'd and passed with flying colours. At present there is nothing wrong with the car with no knocking, everything I have done to the car is listed in my top post.
  12. Bump!!! Soon to be traded in so make me an offer
  13. Mine has the oem d.v though why does it only do it when i let off slowly. All it has is a HKS induction kit
  14. Mine only chatters like that when i let off the throttle slowly otherwise its just through the OEM d.v which is fairly loud.
  15. No soldering required, just need to cut the +ve -ve and gearbox signal wire going to the clocks and fit the chip which is pre-wired
  16. Thanks - sounds promising as I was expecting mpg figures of much less! Mines up for sale, check the for sale section
  17. For sale is my 94 L Toyota Celica GT4 ST205 I got this car as a fresh import almost 6 months ago, the car benefits from the following features Certificated 48,000 miles 6 months MOT remaining 5 months tax HKS induction kit HKS turbo timer Full TRD bodykit (splitters and side skirts, not nasty aftermarket bumpers, VERY RARE) Factory fitted tinted windows Electric windows, electric mirrors, electric sunroof, climate control, PAS Since this car was imported I have spent ££££'s on improving it, I have carried out the following work Full respray in Black with blue pearl Delimited CD/MP3/DVD player with flipout screen and a single din conversion White plasma dials that light up blue LED sidelights Xenon headlights The car is in excellent conditon and unmolestered engine wise £3295 tel. 07766737061
  18. Just looked at then engine bay shot with the FMIC, did you relocate a standard filter or an induction kit, mines running the HKS mushroom filter and the pipework to it doesnt look like it could be relocated easily.
  19. Or you could go for the bling that is the AVC-R, good controllers and cheap from the states atm with the current fall in the dollar
  20. Yeah im after big power. Just all these shiny XS goodies at next to nothing prices attract me like a magpie
  21. Ok doesnt sound worth it really, what are the alternatives that actually fit then
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