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  1. Once again left car for eleven day, with solar panel connected via obd port. Battery at start measured 12.1 volts. After 11 days, measured 11.94 volts. So, lost only 0.16 volts with solar panel connected.
  2. The new info system is way faster than the old one. Very usable now, and avoids having to use your phone data allowance
  3. My dealer tells me that for My22 vehicles with the latest info system, map updates are automatic over the air, so we don't need to do anything.
  4. Just returned from 14 day holiday. Left car on my drive with the AA Solar Panel model AA4185 connected via OBD connector. 12 volt battery at start of hols was 12.4 volts. Checked again on returning before starting the car, and level was 12.1 volts. So, with the aid of the panel it dropped only 0.3 volts in that time. I guess the panel is worth using in that case, and at only £24 is worth the money. I wonder how low the battery needs to go before we start getting key entry probs etc. ?
  5. I don't get the add to basket button. I'm wondering if, because my car only 2 months old if it already has the update. I will have to find out how to check it.
  6. Have done this but the next page gives a breakdown of the package, and the add to basket button is greyed out.
  7. After numerous email exchanges with tech support, each of which suggested this had been fixed, but no change, they finally suggested that I uninstall the MyT app and reinstall it. This cured the problem.
  8. I've found it. It's actually in Settings, Voice and Search, Voice prompts - you can disable it here, and you just get a chime sound instead of a voice notification. Yippee!
  9. Ok thanks Alan, I will give this a try 👍
  10. I have the new infotainment system and it's driving me mad with voice alerts every time my phone receives a message or email. Can this be turned off, and if so how?
  11. Have just contacted them and asked if the problem lies with the MyT app or with my car....should be interesting 🤔 😏 🙂
  12. Noticed something interesting yesterday. When I click on the padlock icon in MyT to bring up the car status picture, it shows the car outline with a green tick, but also an information icon, which says "as your car has manual back door windows, we cannot detect the status". Made me go and check the car (still very new so I'm not sure what's what yet), and no surprise to find they are electric just like the front. Strange but trivial I suppose 🤔
  13. I have not tried to change my settings as yet, but maybe other members can answer your questions 🤔
  14. Have had a look for this and can now confirm that it is the same - thanks again Mike for the info 👍
  15. Thanks for the info Mike - I will try that, hopefully the same for Corolla 😆
  16. Thanks for the responses guys - but they indicate two differing opinions. Hopefully someone who has actually achieved this will respond to clear up my confusion .....
  17. This thread is very interesting and I would like to thank all of those members who have taken the time and trouble to conduct meaningful experiments. On balance I feel that it would make sense to disable keyless entry for periods of no use e.g. when going away on holiday. My only problem is that I have not found out how to do this - I have checked the system settings on my Corolla and can't find anything to switch off this feature. Can anyone please let me know how it's done as I'm sure I'm missing something 😕
  18. Picked my Design up a week ago, and it has part leather look seats.
  19. Picked up my Corolla 1.8 HB today - ordered back in early November. It has the latest multimedia system, but not sure about the latest go to sleep key fob. Will test it tomorrow. All good up till now
  20. I have exactly the same warnings on MyT. Dealer assures me this is OK as car will now go through full set etc and all warnings will disappear if all is well.
  21. Engine is 1.8 and body is Hatch Back. Multimedia system is the new version so I am assuming the car is My22
  22. My Corolla Design was delivered to my dealer last week and it has the partial leather look seats. This car was ordered last November, and I'm collecting it on 1st March with 22 plates - not long now 🙃
  23. The MyT app is now showing a VIN for my new Corolla (awaiting delivery). Anyone know how to decipher a VIN?
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