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  1. ahhh rite guys, i didnt understand, when you were saying limiter i just thought u ment hit 6,000rpm, i didnt know the t sport had a rev limiter... when does it kick in?? im too scared of lettin it go beyond 6,000, even tho the red line starts at i think 6200? correct me if im wrong. also has anybody had theres flat out? toyota claims 118mph is this accurate or will it go further. what mods can be done to increase the t sports power besidedes induction kit and exhaust?? Sorry for waffeling on... cheers
  2. LOL ive hit the limiter too many times, i feel really bad after ive dun it. Ive had the car 3 weeks and have redlined it every day multiple times :( not that im bragging its just a really bad habbit i enjoy performing... Ive got to stop n keep sayin to myself "tommorow i shall eco drive" but it never happens. Like somebody said i'l agree with a lot of people dont know about the yaris t sport and what its capable of as there quite rare unlinke the saxo vtr n corsa sri's. People seem to look at you surprised once theyve seen one go. The latest problem ive been having is i keep gettin faster cars wantin to try it on n keep loosin.... though not by much, today was a ford cougar v6 which i stayed with till 70 and the other day was a 2.4 stilo arbarth. The best was a ford focus with a couple of chavs in mine left standing, feels good doenst it!!! i was also wondering weather anybody knows the performance figures of the old corsa GSI i.e. N reg as i couldnt shake 1 off the other day and was wondering weather there faster than the yaris TS, theres nuffin on parkers... his was modified as it atleast had an induction kit n backbox... does anybody else abuse there yaris as much?? ive got to start behavin as its gotta last me a long time. Sorry for my punctuation.....
  3. cheers for the feedback guys... i will consider changeing my headlight bulbs as i agree they do look smart, im thinking possibly blue led. Really like the 2 tone yaris tom, looks really smart. You must have spent a lot of £££ there!!!! n yeh wheels are definatly i will be considering in the future, as ive noticed on some older t sports wheels tend to rot, i.e. bubbleing and slight rust. i tried my alloys on it from my previous car and they looked stupid as they were too wide, theyre 205/45 r16s fox evo 6. so yeh il go for the narrower 16". yup my exhaust came with a standard trim but i took it off as it was rusting. It was a bugger to get off tho as its not held on wiv an allen key or bolt, i basically had to prize the thing of with a screwdriver lol. i bought my exhaust trim from halfords £25 round tip think its airspeed. looks a lot better as it fits the cut out in the bumper better. im really surprised how this car can keep up and leave some of the 125 bhp hatches like the swift sport tho as its only 105brake. Do you think this is down to its close gear ratios?
  4. Hi guys ive just bought a yaris t sport, after wanting one for years. Its an 04 plate in thunder grey. Ive had before 2 liftback corollas withthe 1.3 4efe engine. I cant believe the difference in handleing, it holds the road really well even though its not the lowest car inits class. I believe its 20mm lower than the standard yaris? you really have to push it hard to get some understeer. My previous corollas really didnt handle well and slid out on corners quite easy. Im really suprised by the way it accelerates in a streight line. The trouble with it is though it can keep up with most things to 60mph but after that can start losing the power i.e i had a drag with a audi a3 1.9tdi and beat him of the line but he started pullin past me at 70mph (obviously not on a public road). I also managed to keep up with a 2.4 20v fiat stilo up until 80 ish. It was also faster to 60 than a suzuki swift sport which i was surprised by? The car does seem to run out of revs to easily in the lower gears, it jus gets goin n then you have to change :(. The car could definatly do with a 6th gear for on the motorway as the revs are runnin at like 3700-4000 @70mph.... Im very happy with my purchase and the car has exceeeded its expectations. I love interior and the carbon look alike trim and the way the t sport brand is boasted all over the interior including the dials and scuff plates. The only thing i could knock this car for is the tacky sunvisors which i would like to take out and burn and the slightly high up driveing position i have now finally got used to. also i find it very hard to get 41mpg around town even when im twinkle toe'n the accelerator more like 37mpg. I am at the moment leaveing the car standard the only thing ive added is a crome exhaust trim. Would like to know if theres and light modifications you guys have had such as rear stop lamps with 'yaris' wrote as the light i wanna no how much these cost n where from?. Would like to see some pictures of you cars, to get ideas for mine please! Thanks!!
  5. i heard that, toyota reccomend u drive first couple of miles before reaching high rpm.
  6. Hey guys thanks for all the info!! How the hell u payin £1700 with all mods declared n who wiv??? Im 17 and im with churchill and paying nearly £3000 a year for my standard 11 year old 1.3 corolla. i shopped around and found they were all more or less the same or dearer (tesco wanted £4000). O yeh n is that fully comp? Luke
  7. Just wondering how old the youngest person is on here and what there insurance is like at that age?? Is it possible to get insured on one of these at the age of 18??? If so what do u think it wud cost?? Any info appreciated Luke
  8. How the hell did u manage to roll an MR2 mate? LOL
  9. Thats exactly what i was thinkin. Mine is a 1.3 4efe and uses about £20 over 160 miles. N wen u put ur foot down u can almost watch the fuel gauge drop.
  10. What exhaust u got Kudos+? ← Hi! Mines actually just a standard exhaust, my engine is just !Removed! noisy wen it goes over 3,000. I dont think mine has much or no engine sound proofing. A backbox is def next on my list though, wen my insurance comes down :censor: LOL. N oh by the way mate, the amount of abuse my drivein instructors yaris took was unbelievable. NOT BY ME! But hes told me about other "pupils" goin from 5th gear to 2nd instead of 4th at like 60mph, so yeh thats over reved n apparently its happened a few times n its on 78,000 miles n still going stong.
  11. Out of interest who has the fastest corolla in this forum? Dont think its mine sumhow :D
  12. LOL i crap myself wen mine hits 5,000rpm n hav to change. Dont half make a loud noise lol. I always feel guilty afterwards for sum reason??
  13. I am a big toyota fan, and on this the focus sounds miles better hands down. Doubt it will be as reliable, but wud b better in every other way. Was just wondering, are these CTS compressors available in the showrooms now? And how many of them are there going to be made? N what i would do for a CTS alone! Cant imagine what one must feel like to drive as the biggest engined car ive drove is my 1.3. I suppose the only place u can get the full use of these cars is on tracks though, i mean ive only been drivein a week n its doin my hed in already with the speed limits. U put ur foot down n ur speedin in first gear (over 30mph). N dont even start me on speed cameras. The roads today are just no fun at all... " speed never killed nobody, comeing to a stop very fast did!" :P
  14. LOL i wish i had money to burn! N i took it to toyota because its the only garage around my end what i really trust. Also looks better when u sell the car n hav a full 'toyota' MOT + service history. Ive heard bout garages rippin ppl of sayin they need stuff, n they dont.
  15. My car is squeeling, now n agen, worse in wet. The mechanic at toyota told me i need 2 new aux belts for the noise to go away. My belts r loose, but wont snap. They quoted me £20 each + labour. Any body know around how much I would pay if i went say elsewhere? If sumone cud give me an idea, that wud b great! Luke
  16. Well it all started of last monday, when i took my driveing test. I passed and was very chuffed. 1st time!!! THEN i finally get my corolla insured on the friday, which was A LOT, roughly £2000. I then take my car (friday) to toyata to have its m.o.t and guess what it failed, due to the nearside caliper sticking. At first they thought i might need a new caliper, but i went home and they stripped it down and it stopped sticking. Then i got the bill shud have been £40 for the M.O.T but they gave me a discount and charged me £30 i think it was and the total came to £105 for labour (inc m.o.t). I thought u only needed a m.o.t certificate to insure your car (silly me) but u need the insurance certificate too, which i do not yet have due to me insurein the car friday, and am still waiting to come thru the post :censor:. So one week later i am £2100 poorer and still car-less, which cocked up my whole weekend, due to planning on driveing to places. And if the insu cert comes in the post tomorrow i hav another £60 to find for road tax. i think my caliper was sticking due to its been sitting on the drive for ages. They also told me that my brake disks and pads (front) will need replaceing soon (£240) as my disks are slightly scored, and the squeeling noise is apparently i think it was ??? 2 auxilery belts or sumat like that which are £20 each. N oh yeh the best bit is ive had to take my alloys of because the insurance wanted anova £500!!!! a yr to have them on so my car now looks v lets say 'stock'. So there u have my very expensive stressfull borin week-end. Just thought id come on here have a winge n feel sorry for myself lol thanks for reading :censor:
  17. LOL thats a lot of pennies!!
  18. Hi Welcome to the club!!! Smart car!
  19. To be quite honest i think this is a common problem with most models of toyotas, as my dad has an x reg rav4 and he had the exact same problem. Started squeeling in the wet an wore of after say 5 mins it stopped. Then got worse and worse until eventually it was there all the time. It was took into toyota themselves and the mechanic sed it was nothing to worry about as it would not break down or anything, its just a "noise" whats the problem. So rather than having his rav sound like a shed he had the job done, which took £200 out of his pocket. Apparently it was something to do with the cam. The engine is now really smooth after haveing the job done. My corolla also squeels now (worse in wet) which will have to be done soon, and ive also heard other toyotas on the road making the same noise.
  20. Hi mike! Your cars really starting to look the part! Didnt think id like black wheels on a black car but they look really good on yours! I wish id got the 195s instead of the 205s, might have sorted out my arch problem. That was a good price too i paid £620 i think it was plus £30 for wheelnuts
  21. Ahh riyte. Cheers mate . dont have to worry about selling my wheels now.
  22. not sure about the offset mate? Im a bit of a novice at the mo lol. How can you find out the offset? oh and whats pcd?
  23. no there 4 stud on corolla's
  24. Im considering changeing my corolla for a yaris in the near future! I have 205/45 R16's wheels on my corolla. Would they fit onto a yaris? cheers
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