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  1. Must just be me! Seems to react differently everytime I put my foot down, sometimes rapid, sometimes as flat as a !Removed!. Always in auto ev/hv, tried normal and sport, not a fan so far
  2. Yeah was in the middle of a run, only ever had it happen once, was in Sport mode
  3. Normally rapid upto 70, floored it pulling onto a busy dual carriageway today in auto ev/hv mode and flat as anything? πŸ€” Decided to run on battery only, not sure why
  4. Car randomly vanished off it and won't recognise car Reg now.....
  5. Tried that πŸ€” seems like taking the carpet bit out and tightening those bolts might sort it
  6. PHEV finally turned up today, all seems good another than an annoying from the armrest / storage πŸ€” over bumps, anyone else have the same?
  7. Mine turns up Tuesday 🀞 was built in Jan so hoping it has the new, lights etc.
  8. How easy are they to remove? Leave much behind?
  9. Get some photos up if you fit them, could be tempted when mine arrives! πŸ™‚
  10. Been told my PHEV is just waiting to clear customs, ordered Nov.
  11. That's the email i used and got an installation date the following day, email responses were coming through as "HQ Complaint" 😁
  12. Mine was installed today after some chasing, just need the car now! 😁
  13. Yeah, not really the route I wanted to go, but time was pushing on!
  14. Finally got an installation date, this Monday coming. After multiple calls and emails I was getting nowhere, copied the CEO in and suddenly a date was available πŸ€”πŸ˜
  15. Good luck, i was added to that about six times and heard nothing.
  16. Tried that a few times and told that I've been added to some list to check progress, never hear anything back
  17. Mine should be beyond that stage, I work for my DNO 😁
  18. This was my reply this morning, mine is going next to the outdoor meter box so it's the easiest install possible. I have had a quick look at your case but I can't see what is holding it up, but there are quite a few areas that need to be completed, though we have now had an approval to connect from your network operator, that I can't see. I've added you case to a specific group that chase things through, they will be in touch as soon as they have something to tell you. To ensure that their time isn't taken up with lots of emails, we can't contact them directly, just add you on the list. Thanks for your patience.
  19. πŸ€” Interesting, which leads / harnesses did you buy?
  20. That's a good point, has it got adjustment on the passenger seat? πŸ€”
  21. Had my inspection yesterday, just going right next to the outdoor meter box so it's as straightforward as it gets. Just hope i get an installation date in time!
  22. Have you still got details of the gear you bought / used?
  23. Anyone done this mod? There's a few in the US, wondering if anyone in the UK has done it. Cheers
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