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  1. I have found increased range when using sport mode, which tends to hold the power meter right in the centre of charge when you let off the throttle. I expect S2 is similar.
  2. Bcc212

    Roof bars?

    Hi guys, struggling to use the search to find anything relating to this. 2022 PHEV - what roof bars? I only need them to carry a bike once in a blue moon, but unsure what style of fitting I need. Rails look solid, but have access panels I assume to locking the bars to the rail. Cheers
  3. I’ve only had mine 6 days and I have consistently achieved 48 miles of range. Mine is used daily for work purposes and usually I pick the most direct route. I’m seeing this range on journeys including fast dual carriageway stints, as well as slower town driving. Incredibly impressive, especially as I was expecting around 35-40.
  4. Dealership were useless. The guy said that they may have changed the design, but he was unsure whether this was across the range or just the design model. He said that the design PHEV lines up with the dynamic HEV and should have the illuminated switch. I’ve sent a ticket to Toyota, I’m sure they’ll tell me it’s not supposed to be there and that’ll be that. Never mind! Glad it’s only the cheap model 🤦🏻‍♂️
  5. I’m going to drop into my dealership and ask.
  6. Looks like the design doesn’t have it! Crazy. 😂
  7. Please see video. This was just now with lights on. IMG_1968.MOV
  8. I’ve never used an apple cable and mine works perfectly. It’s likely to be disabled either on your phone or in the car.
  9. That seems bizarre. For me it was a case of plugging it in (front USB) and then pressing accept on the phone and always enable on the car screen.
  10. I’ll add to this. Mode selector dial has no illumination? I was under the impression it glowed different colours depending on the mode. Or is this only when the lights are on?
  11. Thanks! I’ve set the schedule on the car to charge from 00:30 every day. Shame the app doesn’t mirror this schedule.
  12. I tell a lie. The app was not refreshing properly and the car did/is charging (with 40 minutes left to go!)
  13. Hi Ernie, My question was that if I missed a charging schedule, which in this case was set to start charging at 0030 this morning, would the car just charge again tomorrow morning and so on? Or do I have to manually tell the app that I want it to charge tomorrow. I’m not sure what happened last night, but the car didn’t charge. When I opened MyT it began charging. Very frustrating.
  14. Hi guys, Apologies - I know this has been covered in some capacity before, but I’m unable to find it in a search. I have just switched to octopus go and want to take advantage of the charging schedule on MyT. Originally I had it set up so that the car would be ready at 0800 Monday, but I forced the charge last night. I was going to leave the day as Monday, but realised it might not charge tonight, so I changed it to Friday. My question is: If I miss a charging schedule, will the car just move onto the next day? I’m concerned because I’m likely to be an opportunist charger and use free charging points when visiting clients and the supermarket, as well as at home and don’t want to bugger it up. This is how I have it set up for tonight, is this correct? Cheers!
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