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  1. I took you advice the Amazon FM transmitter came last week,it's perfect,thank you so much.They have come on from years ago!
  2. Hi venonix, Maybe mine was faulty then,I might as well give it a try,do you have a link I could use or name of the model of your FM transmitter,thanks in advance😁👌
  3. The last FM transmitter I had was in my old fiat,it was not great,there was a lot of interference when I press the accelerator,a annoying whizzing whining sound.
  4. I don't want to spend too much really,say £150 to £350.dont need fancy speakers or anything to loud.
  5. Hi there sorry for the slow reply guys,hope you had a great Christmas,I don't have controls on my steering wheel,well I do but only for volume up & down for the radio.
  6. Merry Christmas folks & happy new year,I've recently acquired a Yaris T sprit vvi 2004.I absolutely love it,it's perfect apart from the radio,it needs updating but I don't know where to start or look.Any tips I really need Bluetooth as well,I don't want one of those FM transmitter plugin adapters,I had one of those before I had no luck with it.
  7. Yes Bernard,I'm in my third week of owning it now.Ive never owned a small city car before.I think I've missed out all these years,I always dismissed them,big mistake it's perfect for me.My best friend is a mechanic,he found it for me!
  8. My first Yaris mk1 spirit 2004,I love this car,hope you are a well!
  9. J4son

    T sport seats

    Thank you so much Flash😁
  10. J4son

    T sport seats

    Hello, I am after some T sport seats for my 2004 Toyota Yaris!
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