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  1. Whitey, Looks like you are right - after 2 auctions on ebay which failed to meet reserve, I've agreed a verbal offer for £9k, they are coming to collect the car tomorrow (i hope!!!) I thought they were getting a steal, so I'm encouraged that perhaps its a fair price after all! Thanks for your help. Ali
  2. Thanks! no takers yet but auction has 2 more days to go! Ali
  3. Hi folks, I'm in the process of trying to sell my wife's Rav4 to upgrade to a 7 seater (Hyundai Santa Fe) and am not sure what would be a reasonable price. The car is on a 52 plate (Dec 02), low mileage (31k) and vgc, fsh, etc. I've got in on ebay at the moment for £9995 (just less than the parkers guide price) but not sure if this is realistic? Any advice welcome - if you want to take a look at the pics before you reply, the item no is 260098113356. Any advice welcome! Cheers, Ali
  4. anchorman, thanks for your help - car went in on Friday and was fixed - one of the sensors was damaged. They were planning on charging me but I waved my receipt and a brochure saying accessories were covered for 3 years, and after a little debate it was agreed it would be done under warranty. Sadly they made a bit of a mess of the paintwork, so went back today and it is back in on Friday to have the bumper re-sprayed at their expense! Bit of a hassle but a happy ending! Thanks for all your help. Ali
  5. Thanks, will do some more research - any idea how these fare in terms of crash protection? Cheers, Ali
  6. Thanks - took a look and it does have the seating, but being French it will break down all the time, so not my cup of tea! Cheers, Ali
  7. Failing that, I believe that the sunroof drains exit somewhere inside the front wheel arch. Cheers, Ali
  8. *Sigh* Looks like it isn't sorted after all - after working ok for a day or two, its playing up again - I wonder if it is water ingress as we live right on the coast and the back of the car is exposed to the full force of the prevailing south westerlies that come in off the channel? I've got it booked in again with the dealer - I queried whether it would be covered under warranty as they were dealer fitted 2 years ago and was told no, only 1 year - I have a brochure that seems to suggest a 3 year warranty on accessories, but not sure if this would constitute proof. Any assistance welcome as I'm somewhat skint this month and could do without another big bill! Cheers, Ali
  9. Hi folks, I am looking for a 7 seater to replace our existing Rav4, and know that Toyota do the Verso models which offer this many seats. However, I have also noticed that there are vehicles around which offer flexible, minubus style seating, where the seats face each other in the back. Most of these vehicles appear to be Japanase, and mostly seem to be grey imports as I don't recognise the model names (or even the manufacturers). They also mostly seem to be H or J reg. My question is, are there any current or recent models that seat seven with this sort of seating arrangement - it just seems much more sociable to have an area in the back where everyone can sit and face each other, and would be great for holidays (you know the sort of thing, sitting having lunch in the car at the beach while the rain pours down!) I'm surprised none of the MPV makers have cottoned on to this - all you'd really need is for the drivers and passengers seats to swivel round, which can't be that hard to do? The only other "car" I've seen that offers this is the VW Caravelle, which is a bit pricey and van-like. I'd be grateful for any info so I can research it further. cheers, Ali
  10. Anchorman, I am very pleased to say that on inspecting the sensors more closely at the weekend in view of your advice, I spotted a tiny piece of fibre which was stuck to one of the sensors and effectively "shorting" across from the inner to outer sensor rings. scraped it with my fingernail, off it came, and the sensors are now working normally. Thanks ever so much for your help, saved me the inconvenience and expense of a dealer trip. Long live these forums! Cheers, Ali
  11. Thanks chaps, very helpful. Will take a closer look at the car and the warranty info at the weekend! Cheers, Ali
  12. Greetings! I had a set of reversing sensors fitted by the Toyota dealer on our 2002 Rav4 when we bought it (used) in April 2005. A couple of weeks ago my wife noticed that when engaging reverse, the beep was sounding constantly even though there was nothing in range of the sensors. This carried on happening every time Reverse was engaged. I gave them a wipe over with a cloth which seemed to help a bit, in that the beep was slightly more intermittent, but there is still something badly wrong. the car is booked in with the dealers to be looked at next Friday, but is there anything I can do in the meantime to avoid a main dealer style bill? Hopefully it is just one failed sensor, which shouldn't cost a fortune, although over the phone they were muttering about having to take the bumper off to get access which sounded like a fair bit of work? Presumably the warranty on the sensors would only be 12 months but I would have hoped they would have lasted longer than 2 years! Cheers, Ali
  13. thanks for the help chaps. I'm not remotely competent at anything mechanical so will leave it to the experts - the tyre place I go to is pretty good normally so will get them to sort it. Hopefully they'll do it for free if I explain they caused it even if it was a while back. Cheers, Ali
  14. Greetings, A few months ago I took my wife's 2002 Rav in to get two new front tyres - on driving home I noticed that the steering wheel was slightly offset from centre - i.e, when the steering wheel was straight ahead the car was moving to the right and when the car was driving straight on a road with no camber the steering wheel would be tilted slightly to the left. I meant to take it back and complain but never got round to it - we are now thinking of selling the car and this is probably something a prospective buyer would notice, although I assume it is no big deal. Can anyone offer any advice on what the problem might be and how much it should cost to get it sorted? I'm assuming they knocked the tracking out while fitting the wheels? Cheers, Ali
  15. Don Henley Boys of Summer The Who – won’t get fooled again Gat Décor – Passion Beach Boys – God Only knows Degrees of motion – Shine On Doors LA Woman Rush Spirit of Radio Rolling Stones Sympathy for the devil Frank Sinatra – it was a very good year Glenn Cambell – Wichita Lineman Rock, 90s Dance and Easy Listening, an eclectic selection!