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  1. Hey, I'm looking for the door catch for the passenger door of my '03 Corolla (3 door), trying to find someone who will sell them cheaper than toyota and I've not had any success around my local scrappy's and eBay does have any of the same model Corolla's breaking just now. Does anyone know of any parts websites that may prove usefull to me? Thanks, Chris.
  2. First off, is the fan still definately spinning? Most computers will automatically switch off if the processor gets too hot as well. Personally, I'd leave it for a bit, let it cool down. Then start it up again make sure all the fans are still spinning and see how it goes. Also, is it still under warrenty? If it is, give them a call, get it replaced.
  3. Very cool, what 'front end' software did you use? was it free? Also, when browsing the net, how do you type? does a keyboard appear on the touch-screen or do you have to hide a keyboard in your car?
  4. Very very nice looking, I think it looks a bit like a cross between the 350z and a S2000. Very nice looking!!!!
  5. I've got to change the light cluster on the rear of my Corolla. Anyone ever done it before? How's it done? How easy is it? T.I.A Chris.
  6. I'd guess that its a ferret or stoat as well. I'm 100% sure that it's not a squirrel, its colours are all wrong, trust me, I'm hand rearing one just now and I know exactly what a baby squirrel looks like.
  7. If you wear glasses. Use the wee lense cleaning cloth.
  8. Think this will interest some people: http://www.pistonheads.com/news/default.asp?storyId=16562
  9. Hate these car wash machines, one of them ripped off my friends rear wiper and smashed it through the rear window! Go and see if they have any signs up saying the do not take responcibility for damage, if they don't take photo's of the area proving that they don't. Then go and complain in writing. You're in for an uphill struggle tho, they don't give in easily on this. And next time, just use the jet wash.
  10. I got 124, but my eye's hurt a bit now.
  11. I'm Muay Thai as well. And a point on the '2 minutes felt like 10' bit, that never goes away. You loose all concept of time the second you step into the ring. Glad you're enjoying it. I thought about boxing, but after 16 years of Karate I was too kick-happy, so Thai Boxing was a better fit for me.
  12. R4 DS - How does that work then? How do you play the backups are the game cards not different from anything you can buy in the shops?
  13. Hmmmm, well it's the 1500cc model that didn't start getting built until 1974, so I can't really see it somehow falling into the pre-1973 market. And I can't see it being used by the army or anything before it was registered in 1979. Ah well, I shall just have to keep paying car tax :( Only ever get it taxed for 6 months out of the year anyway so it doesn't cost too much. Still it would have been nice to put that money in my pocket.
  14. How old does a car have to be nowadays for it to become tax exempt? I ask as I've got a 1979 MG Midget in the garage (28 years old this year). I heard that it was changed from 25 years old to 30 years old, but I also heard that they scrapped the tax free thing all together. Can anyone confirm what the actual deal is with the car tax exemption?
  15. personally, I'd rather just put a bit more money together and get one in better knick. The knocking when braking is a bit of a worry, it could be quite a few things.
  16. What if you got someone else to open it up???? Does that loop-hole the agreement? :D
  17. You can download a web browser from the shop channel (it's free). You may have to run an update on your Wii first tho. Zelda is a must, that'll consume 40 hours of you life. Red steel is ok, but I got bored of it, the sword fights kind of ruin it after a bit. Excite truck's very good, I think of it as SSX only with monster trucks! Metal Slug Anthology is good if you want an old fashioned arcade game. Monkey ball is PANTS!!! STAY AWAY FROM IT!!!! USA games won't run on a standard wii, but you can get it chipped. There's a few different chips floating around, I'd recommend the WiiKey. That's about all the advice I can offer just now.
  18. I'd talk to her and let her know how uncomfortable it's making you. Ok she's not cheating on you or anything but it is allowing other men to look at her in a way that only you should. It's really just a lot of Alpha-male, selfish reasoning when I think about it. But I don't think that it's any less valid. If she doesn't see your point, go out and get a job as a male stripper, see what she thinks then.
  19. How about a Seat Leon Cupra Diesel????
  20. Not sure, that seems to be for the saloon model. Don't know if its bonnet is a different shape.
  21. I pretty sure they bought over telewest.
  22. I took a wee look and quickly found the cause. The fuse box lid wasn't cliped down properly. duhhhhhhh. Really should have looked first before posting.
  23. Ok, does anyone have any idea what could cause this. I get a rattly !Removed! / vibration noise when I dip the clutch after hard-ish acceleration. It only lasts a second and it sounds like it's coming from the nearside of the engine bay. Any ideas anyone?? 2.0 L D4D by the way.
  24. Words cannot describe how strange and pointless that is.... and yet I still clicked on the link.
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