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  1. Apologies for the very late response. Turns out it was just some worn front discs. No idea why the first garage was so focused in on a suspension/steering issue but won't be using them in future.
  2. It's a repeating knock proportional to speed. It's only really noticeable through the brake pedal, I've had passengers and none of them have been able to hear or feel anything. The car drives fine and the braking isn't affected at all but I'm worried it's causing further damage somewhere.
  3. I'll preface this by saying that it's been booked in to get it looked at but looking for a second opinion/any personal experiences. Over the winter my Yaris developed a knocking sound (drivers side front wheel area) when braking. I got it serviced and checked out by a garage who suggested replacing both front lower control arms which seemed to significantly dampen the knocking (could still feel it slightly through the pedal). They also informed me that the steering rack had a fair bit of play but it wouldn't be worth replacing at that time as they were unable to find any new so would have to send it off to be reconditioned. Everything was fine for a few weeks until a couple days ago when the knocking sound returned again. Are the steering racks/control arms a common failure point on these cars? My front discs are fairly worn too so I'm wondering if that might be the actual cause of the noise... Also what would be a reasonable price for a new or reconditioned steering rack (with labour)?
  4. Apologies if this isnt the right place to ask. Just looking for some recommendations as I've moved here recently and unsure where to go.
  5. Cheap relative to the current market but not an amazing bargain compared to pre covid prices unfortunately. The damage itself was from a light rear ender. Boot had a very small dent but other than that absolutely no damage. The bumper itself could be repainted and reused. Happened three years ago so I don't think its caused any major issues as its been fully repaired and used as normal since.
  6. At the end of the day if it works out it works out. Hopefully will last a couple years minimum without major issue. Also realised I hadn't actaully attached an image before.
  7. Don't worry I completely understand. He had a lovely classic car in the garage in perfect condition and even a 10 year old micra in the drive looked like it was well taken care of. I cross referenced his story with the car history and everything checked out/provided me the evidence. One thing to clarify is that it is a CAT S car which im sure most people will have a very strong opinion about.
  8. Went round today and apart from some expected age related marks it was a very clean car so ended up purchasing it. Thanks all.
  9. Looking at a 03 plate with around 70k miles. Any advice on common issues, areas of rust?
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