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  1. I’ve found the problem. Removed interior plastic trims along with the rear seats and got the hosepipe out spraying the roof. Drips started to appear on the rear C- pillar, drop down near to the rear seatbelt and run along onto the floor pan next to the wiring harness. I have removed the exterior black plastic gutter trim carefully and sealed the seam that it covers with seam sealer. Then refitted the trim. Tested with hosepipe again once the sealer has dried. This has stopped the water ingress. Hope that this helps others if the same should happen to their cars. 🙂👍
  2. My Celica rear seat base is soaking wet. I have sealed the round black grommet near to the tailgate hinge but it still occurs. No sign of boot floor getting wet that I can see as mat is dry. Anyone had similar and successfully sorted the problem. Thanks for any pointers.
  3. Thanks for all of your advice, looks like I’ll be ordering a pair of front struts.
  4. The supplied shock is definitely different to what is currently fitted as I’ve measured with a tape measure. Bottom of shock up to spring hanger is at least 20mm less on original strut which looks to be the original. The gap from the spring hanger to the drop link mount is also less on the original hence it not lightning up any more? It appears that there are two types of strut unless the supplied one has been manufactured wrong?
  5. Hi, it has burst the strut and leaked all of the oil out unfortunately. A spring would have been so much easier. 👍
  6. Thanks for the reply 👍 I have read about potential oil starvation and have now put a 40 rated oil in the sump and renewed the filter. It it worth overfilling slightly until I baffle the sump? Re shedding weight I will remove rear seats, boot trims, spare wheel, Jack etc. I’ve also joined the gym so will see how that goes🤣 Money is a bit tight atm so will run standard tyres for now (need to fix a front strut that’s burst as well now)😢 I have freed off and lubricated all caliper sliders, fitted new discs and pads all round with bigger Avensis calipers and discs to the front.
  7. My 2004 Celica tsport has burst a front shocker and I need a replacement. All of my local motor factors only list one that fits the range from 2000-2006. Comparing the new strut to the original it appears that the original Toyota spring hangers are lowered from factory about 20mm. This means that the car will sit higher on one side with the replacement strut fitted. Also the hole for the drop link is about 20mm out as well. Any body had similar issues? Is it dealer only££££? Should I get a set of coil overs and replace all of them for piece of mind (if so which ones)? Any advice welcomed. Many thanks 😊
  8. Hi, has anyone completed a track day in their Celica tsport? Any advice on wheel or tyre combos? Car currently on 205/45/17 Avon ZV7. Is there anything else that I need to consider as preparation for the day? Thanks for any advice 👍
  9. Hi, newby question here about front brakes. I’ve recently purchased a 2004 Celica tsport that needs front brakes sorting amongst other things. Is there a bolt on upgrade from another model to bigger discs and callipers? If so I would be grateful of any info such as part numbers, vehicle specs etc. Many thanks for any info. 😁👍
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