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  1. Right after having my wheels done in gloss black, my calipers are looking a bit pants With black wheels what colour calipers would look niceist? Black Blue Gold
  2. There is no deterant in this conutry against crimes, killing someone you get a couple of years, its nothing to a young person who will still have a long life ahead of them. They need something that will make them think. like life meaning life, you will never walk the streets again, the death penalty is need now more than ever, that would stop them, knowing if they were going to die if they are found guilty it would make people think twice wether its worth commiting the crime in the first place. It would me
  3. The justice system in this country makes me sick, the country has no backbone to treat crims how they should be treated, scared of people crying human rights. I believe when you commit a crime all your human right should ba taken away from you. justice will never be done in this country as no one as the b411s to do anything about it
  4. Very True The laptop said danger to manifold and the floor drops out, i did laugh to be honest. They are good films tho, not keen on the 3rd one, but the love the first one and the new one
  5. Agreed Vin Diesel or Paul Walker Decision decisions
  6. I absolutly LOVE these films but since seeing the new one ive sort of lost the plot =o( Has anyone seen it yet? I've watched it twice and am trying to figure out where it fits in with the other 3. In the first FATF Dom says to Letty he can imagine them on a Mexican beach, The new ones starts off with them in Mexico. Which made me think it follows from the first one. But in Tokyo Drift Han is shot by DK for stealing money from him, ok this is easy enough to understand, be he is also in the new one. Just after the first 10 mins after the fuel tanks where hijacked he was talking to Dom about going there own way and he mentions about going to Tokyo, so this led me to believe that it comes before Tokyo Drift. Someone please help me as I'm somewhat confused
  7. Hello folks Yeah i really want to go to JAE this year missed it last year My new fella is not into cars at all so im trying to persuade him to come with me, and im failing miserably at the mo :censor: I think i paid £15 for 2 of them when it was at peterborough a couple of years ago When & where is it this year? I also want to go to max power as the new fast and furious cars will prob be there, but not sure when that is either
  8. Hello Folks A year or so ago i went to JAE and bought some toyota badges with devil horns, when i sold my old celi i couldn't get them off without reuning them, does anyone know how i can get in contact with this person to see if they still sell them? Cheers, Kirstie =o)
  9. I hate seeing girls with tattoo's on there forearms, looks rough. Ive got 10 tattoos, but all can be hidden if needed, well apart from the one on my wrist, but that can be covered by a watch or something. I dont like big massive ones, looks terrible, but each to there own i say :) I want more but my other half wont let me I only regret one of them, btu cant do anything about it now
  10. On the Wolverhampton new road coming home from work last week, a bloke was on his mobile and steering with one hand, he hit a pot hole and his car went to the side, if i hadn't been watching him he would of gone into the side of me :censor: I papped my horn at him and he put his finger up like it was my fault, stupid idiot. Its been a while ago, ive seem a copper on a moby while driving, really did make me smile
  11. I believe in them, never seen one face to face mind ya, but wouldn't want to. But i have seen a few strange things happen, and no matter what people say until its happened to them, they cant really say. Them people who say there is always an explanation for these things happening annoy the living hell out of me
  12. The place where i had them done said they are team dynamics wheelz which can be pricey Close up they look really mint, well worth the £240 for em A1 Wheel refurbs in Wolverhamton
  13. I think so, toyota only had it for 2 days before I bought it, but not sure how long the bloke left it standing before i part ex'd it, needs new brakes anyway, am waiting for sercvice in june :)
  14. Finaly sorted, & am well pleased with them, better then i thought they would look Yes i know the brake calipers coul do with painting, maybe next Also could do with some good tyre black recommendations Cheers, Kirstie
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