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  1. Hayzee

    I want one!

    Cool.....tempted myself
  2. Mine was ordered Mid November last year.....manufactured 24 December....arrived at dealership mid February
  3. It's ok to have the Road Hero facing down (without the bag) but that means you need to buffer the alloy wheel from touching the floor of the boot to avoid noise/vibration, rather than having the rubber tyre against the floor. I also think that the original Toyota alloy is not as concave as the Road Hero and may not present the same issue. Agree about retaining bolt only necessary in extreme situations but the the fact is, there is always provision for one.
  4. Iain....just one more thing....if you lay the Road Hero in it's boot space with the outside of the wheel facing up (as I did) you will need a longer securing bolt. This is the one I bought https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323856777744 That is just a bit too long but I made a washer from 1/2" plywood to fit under it and it's perfect. The shorter bolt https://www.thewheelshop.co.uk/product/toyota-rav4-2005-2019-space-saver-spare-wheel-retaining-fixing-bolt-screw/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw is only long enough if you have the spare wheel with its outside facing down. Hope that makes sense
  5. Mike... it's this panel I have to replace (see pic). I'll contact my dealer after the weekend.
  6. Thanks Adrian....does it come already painted in the black?
  7. Unfortunately had a mishap with my RAV4 Plug in today and managed to rip off the lower n/s rear door panel. Number of the lugs are broken as well so will have to source a new panel. I think these panels are a sort of piano black for the Dynamic bi-tone Plug in, anyone know where I might get it? Part number appears to be 75078 42050. Or will I have to take it to a body repair shop? Appreciate any suggestions.
  8. Seems to me that Toyota Europe are not running the system and servers in a true production mode. My previous experience with Volvo On Call was far superior and I can't really remember not being able to sign in remotely. They need to invest in making the system production ready and resilient because we as customers see it as part of the overall product offering.
  9. working now for me Nick
  10. I should qualify this and say that virtually all my journeys lately have been short low speed events which would explain why I'm seeing the projected range
  11. I have to say that hasn't been my experience lately. Checking actual mileage of all my trips has been very close to the total forecast range. Happy
  12. This morning after a full charge it was showing 55 miles with Aircon..... impressive
  13. At the end of the day it costs an extra £355 per year (£30/Month) Road Tax due to my PHEV being over £40K list price. It's certainly not enough of a premium, in the context of the total costs of acquisition and operation, to put me off owning it.
  14. One more thing to consider is that the Road Hero weighs 18Kg, whereas the equivalent 18" steel wheel (Wheelshop) will weigh quite a bit more.
  15. Hayzee

    MyT app again

    Have you tried the VIN instead?
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