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  1. tbh i only found that my steering wheel went smooth/shiny and ive done 84k in mine as a taxi, however whilst my car was poorly (see other posts) i had to rent a replacement and that had a steering wheel cover on it then when i got my corolla back it felt like i was steering with spaghetti lol so i quickly bought a cover from halfords and its perfect now.
  2. i dont suppose by any chance you have any of these in your car? i used to use a couple of these for my various "toys" in my car which i need as part of my taxi job, had nothing but issues with the DAB signal dropping in and out all the time, sounding like it was underwater or just plain not working at all, turns out it was these adapters i was using (cheap pound shop ones), as soon as i unplugged them everything worked as it should...............just a thought ;-)
  3. hey guys, thought i would give you all an update, the MAF sensor replacement did NOT solve my problem, after breaking down once again i had the car transported to a toyota dealer (not the same as the first one i went to) and after providing written consent for them to download the vehicle control history they where able to pinpoint the first time the error code appeared and right along side it was another code which turned out to be the Fuel Pump relay switch, which they replaced and now thankfully after 12 days of driving its safe to say all is good, i will however be putting an official complaint in to Toyota regarding the service i received from the first dealer as its believed by all involved that had they done what the second dealer did it would have saved me almost £2k as i most likely wouldnt have had to replace the cat and sensors including MAF, will let you guys know how i get on with complaint ;-)
  4. well having had a puncture this weekend i decided while i was at it to test if a fully inflated full size wheel would fit in the well designed for space saver and it does so im just looking now to find a spare alloy the same as the one i got then going to get tyre on it and have that in car (mine is a taxi and its against licensing rules to work with space saver on) only thing i will lose is the tool tray but not really a biggie if it means i can continue working ;-)
  5. i would concur with WoofWoof but it may also be the anti collision as mine has a habit of doing it randomly when there is clearly no obstacle ahead.
  6. Hi mate, i appear to have nailed the route cause of all my problems as for the first time during scan we got a P0103 MAF sensor malfunction, seems like this little bugger has been the issue all along but even toyota tech had no clue as to why its only just showing now other than perhaps it was an intermittent fault that would flag on one pass but not on 2 consecutive ones until now but enough to take out the o2 sensors and CAT, well new one ordered and will be fitted Saturday morning so HOPEFULLY thats it all sorted..and for those who wish to know it is aproxx £140 inc vat fitted ;-)
  7. Well I'm at my wits end now, having driven the car for 6 hrs straight this morning and 2 hrs this evening the engine warning and engine light once again came on (after going going over a rough piece of road) the only difference this time is i was able to drive the 5 miles home with both engine and hybrid working as normal so i haven't got a clue now other than thinking it could be something to do with the brakes, now before anybody slams me i am fully aware of how warn pads sound and how to identify this problem in a non hybrid car i am also aware that during the bi-annual test (taxi mot) my car has, checking the condition of the pads is supposed to be done, as they have never been highlighted by neither the testing station or my usual garage when having tires replaced or punctures fixed you just assume they are good to go but I'm thinking maybe this could be the issue i am facing now as other than the mass airflow sensor I don't think there is anything mechanical or hybrid side left to check....has anybody had a situation where worn pads has caused the check engine light to come on?
  8. obviously when i had done my search i had mistook 15km for miles, cant remember but if my vpn was set for eu at the time then that would explain the mistake and yes i have had it serviced 5 times which i took for being correct, but due to the fact i had followed an incorrect schedule i will be having next service in around 1500 miles and then the big 100k will be carried out as per and although my warranty has expired already i will ensure to have it serviced every 10k miles from then after, for all those who asked, the total i paid for the parts and labour was £1500 which included (all Toyota) pipe with both cats on and fitting kit including bolts, gaskets etc.. 2 lambda sensors and 1 hr of labour.
  9. Jesus wept, if i had known that asking advice from all you grown adults and obviously experienced toyota users would have resulted in being accused of "cutting corners to save money" and "neglecting" my car "or having "bad or no servicing" i wouldnt have bothered...sorry to have wasted all your time
  10. i was told by the guy who dropped my car off, who actually made a note of telling me he is an employee of toyota (the guy who normally delivers cars for this garage was unavailable that day) he gave me the info of 10k first service and as it was a hybrid every 15k thereafter and told me i could verify it with a quick google search which i did and the top result stated the same info, i followed that advice to the latter and as you put it, if it needed it it had it and all genuine parts, for you to assume other wise and that corners where cut is not very fair to be honest, but that is as far as your post warrants a reply.
  11. Hi guys, thanks for the responses, 1.....As i was told wrong info regarding servicing intervals my warranty is invalid 2.....The car has still only covered 83,300 (dunno why i put 84k lol) is still a taxi but has been unusable since early dec 3.....I assumed that due to faulty cat it took out the o2 sensors when in reality it was faulty o2 sensors causing unburnt fuel to get in the cat and as a result blocked it. 4.....Went down the OEM route have new o2 sensors and new cat complete with new gaskets fitted (at my expense) and touch wood its running like a new car again 5.....Going to work my first shift in it tomorrow, wish me luck and will report back...... regards all Baz
  12. following on to my earlier thread regarding my car seems that the problem i have been having is down to a blocked Cat as a result it has melted the o2 sensors, anybody know of anybody who is selling a cat that will fit my car as im assuming to go new would be silly money?
  13. quick update, after all i had done my last plan of attack was the coolant as it was below the minimum, had it out on a run, as im a cabbie i simulated working for an hour, did a little run then stopped for 10 mins, did another then stopped etc, finally plucked the courage up to drive the 5 miles to my nearest main town, got there fine parked up, switched all off for 10mins turned it back on, fine drove 100yrds then beep beep started, had to pull over and eventually get recovered so its now sat on my driveway gathering dust until i can save up to have it recovered the 50 miles to my nearest dealer and have it looked at....so not a happy toyota owner to say the least.
  14. Tony, is the linked to reader compatible with my year and model of car as it says check compatibility but doesn't give a list of compatible cars? also would you be able to link me to some genuine inverter coolant as all i seem to be able to find appears to be normal pink engine coolant and im under the impression they are 2 different fluids. thanks mate ;-)
  15. tbh this car has been used as a taxi and in the last 2 1/2 yrs has covered 84k miles so has been well driven, the 1k ceiling is actually as you try to start the car, the engine as a rule would not normally come in until say turned the heater fans on etc, but atm its trying to kick in straight away, struggles to get to 1k revs then cuts out with a clunk clunk and you can literally feel the engine shake in the bonnet.
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