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  1. I know, it's brilliant. Good job theres no emission laws over here for when the Evo arrives
  2. No MOT in Guernsey. I'm fine ;)
  3. And I have a decat ;) It's LOUD
  4. Yea I have the Blitz induction and Blitz Exhaust :)
  5. yea I've got quite a loud whine on mine. People keep asking me if it's Turbo'd / Supercharged because it's that loud :)
  6. Yea I'd go for the Graphite if I was you for now :)
  7. TomF

    New Rims :)

    It's a nice colour, not disimilar to the Yashio Factory Pink, but theres just too much of it that's all! I'm getting some Pink Yashio decals for my car done next week
  8. A little birdy told me she wants deep dish.... ;)
  9. Love the Car :P !!!

  10. TomF

    New Rims :)

    As Jason said, it's nowhere near finished. Got a long way to go before I'd want it featured. I just photoshopped it in Pink and it doesn't look half bad to be honest
  11. TomF

    New Rims :)

    Here's a couple more pics :) Kevin, they are Borbet Type BS. In 16x9 fitment, with 215 tyres, 45degree sidewalls
  12. The Varis one is around 400 I thought? Cause I paid over 600 for my C-One Vented one!
  13. TomF

    New Rims :)

    Already way ahead of you. I'll have smoked lights by next weekend. ;)
  14. TomF

    New Rims :)

    Some new pictures :)
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