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  1. Evening all. I’m hoping to get my Cross next month and I want to have a Nextbase fitted. Who else has had this done, who did it and what did it cost you? Halfords don’t seem too keen on fitting to a hybrid. TIA J
  2. I wanted one but because we ordered the Premiere Edition which a different colour roof to the body it wasn’t available on this model. Disappointing. I’m hoping the interior isn’t going to prove too dark.
  3. We had, the same problem on a 2013 Yaris with only 10k on the clock. Dealer said the slave is inside the bell housing and quoted big bucks to investigate and like you, couldn’t guarantee a fix. Part exed it for a new Ford.
  4. After seeing various mentions of the Touch 2 8” screen and the 9” Smart Connect system I’m wondering if I should change my order for a Premiere Edition Cross. When I specced the car with the sales guy I originally said I’d have the advanced safety pack at £650 which comes with the 9” Smart Connect system. But then I said to the guy that for an extra £100 you seem to get a lot more with the City & advanced safety pack. He agreed and without explaining that you get a smaller screen, or the potential up and downsides of each system, said it was probably worth it so I said yes to the £750 option instead. So people, what are the key differences between the 2 systems and should I go back and change to the 9” or stick with what I’ve chosen? If I do want to change, as the car is not in build yet, can I make the alteration? Just for clarity, I’m not bothered about 1” size difference, although I appreciate some may be. It’s all about performance for me. thanks J
  5. Oh dear. That’s not good. I’m on the MyT app now but there’s no progress with my order yet. I guess I’ll just keep my fingers crossed. Keep us updated with your progress please.
  6. How do you register for MyToyota without a registration number and where can you see your order progress? Thanks Jonathan
  7. Coincidentally I have an Audi A6 Avant 3.0BiTdi with the ZF 8 speed auto that I use mainly for long journeys and to tow a caravan. That auto box is used by numerous manufacturers and is a benchmark gearbox in my opinion. Buying a smaller car with auto is difficult without going for a CVT but as you say Stopeter, they have advanced a lot in recent years so I’m hoping for the best. Too late now anyway, deposit is paid and car on its way to being built.
  8. I looked through all the specs and they seemed a bit strange. There’s not really a clear specification progression but then I’m old school. I come from an age of L, XL, GXL and Ghia. Apart from the pan roof the Pemiere had everything I wanted including leather. I’m looking forward to it.
  9. We’ve gone for Galactic Blue with City and Adventure pack add ons. I’d have liked a pan roof but it’s not available on the Premiere.
  10. Hi all, We have ordered a Yaris Cross Premier Edition. Delivery is scheduled for May and the car will replace my wife’s Ecosport Titanium Auto. We’ve enjoyed the Ford but wanted the advanced tech available in the Toyota, especially radar cruise and automatic braking. I’m not a lover of CVT transmissions but it seems quite good on the Cross and certainly a lot better than the 12 plate Yaris we had years ago. I’m going to miss the heated windscreen on the Ford too but the Cross is a step up. Anyway, hope to be an active member and look forward to seeing your comments. Merry Christmas everyone. Jonathan
  11. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

  12. I read the Yaris Cross thread lower down regarding deliveries but I wondered what the current position is? We ordered a Premiere Edition with city and adventure packs 3 weeks ago and the dealer told us May. Is that realistic based on current delivery performance? Thanks
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