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  1. I haven't done this personally, but if you check this link, it will show you the part numbers. You could then search Google for the hinges etc, see them up close, and be able to make a plan of action from there? https://partsouq.com/en/catalog/genuine/parts?c=Toyota&ssd=%24*KwGVobCUkOfLwsPc-fCEqc3Z-f7gkZ6TkoCGhcPm2oLO0oOZ3Kal6YSNgs7Vg5nco66W5O-XkeqQk7vA3ZCVl5eFioPAndLWhZSWk5KQkYHS0oHEhJuC8PH1kcnAvorn5Obi__aB0tKKzsKDmp6RjYGIk86dhJeSkfGD3gAAAAA0Jj2M%24&vid=0&gid=951&q=SB1BN76L10E017367 If the link won't open properly, put your Avensis VIN in there and it'll bring up the parts diagrams for every thing. Very handy site. Good luck
  2. Update having done the job today... My Avensis has had the diesel filter done before... a Blueprint filter came out. Unsure why anyone would have done it sooner than 4 years / 52,000 miles when I got it, but it was replaced - unless Toyota use this brand from factory but I can't imagine they do? I broke two scuttle trim clips taking it off annoyingly... Does anyone here know if the scuttle trim has two clips or bolts from factory on the edges? I have two empty holes on both sides and I suspect someone has maybe lost them unless everyone else is the same. The rubber on this piece of trim on the passenger side is also missing all of its little white clips that keep it secure..I'm going to price this from the dealer in the interest of keeping the car right. The two clips I broke mean it's loose other than the bonnet holding it down. The little black metal cover over the fuel filter, I strongly believe was put on the wrong way around (the bolt holes are diagonal so I think that is possible) as it was incredibly tight and hard to reach in and get the back bolt off compared to on the videos (one side is slanted down to allow access for this, and sits facing the inside of the car). The fuel lines have two little plastic cages around them, mine was missing the back one for some reason... Another part to get from Toyota if they can find me it. Now, the real mess was there is a short little breather hose from the engine to the air filter box pipe. I tried a few ways of getting access to the rear of the metal guard over the diesel filter and part of that was unclipping that little breather hose. Only for it to have snapped on one side and crack - it was incredibly brittle. I tried to duct tape it temporarily but as I bent it into place, the rest of it snapped too... disaster. I took it out only to find that it is indeed a BMW part, a crappy ill designed brittle cheap plastic part that, had it flexed as it was intended to, wouldn't have been an issue. We happened to have a pipe around of the exact same diameter and with a glue gun were able to make a DIY job (for now). I hope this isn't an expensive part from Toyota. I lost a rubber mounting from the plastic engine cover too, which is annoying as hell but totally on me. I'll order this too, to keep the car right... but I am raging about that breather hose breaking. one more important note... Unlike the videos online, the 2017 onwards diesel D4D 1.6 engine in the Avensis has a paper filter as I explained in my post above, you don't just disconnect the whole metal assembly and refit an entirely new one. You need to open it, by twisting the top. I recommend a vice to hold it, and to use a screwdriver against a metal fin and a notch on the 'lid' part. It will twist around, UNTIL, a metal fin which holds an electrical wire is literally bang in the way - physically impossible. BEND this back gently, but then you find... it hits another part. Bent it a little more, to get the lid off. You'll then see the pool of diesel inside. If you're careful, don't lose any. Wear gloves, put a rag on the ground below and slowly gently pull out the old filter. Have a basin to put it in because it will drip diesel all over the table. Take the rubber seal off the 'lid' part, and fit the new one. Push the new filter into the metal canister. WEAR GOGGLES OR GO VERY SLOW! This will squirt diesel right up through the new filter, quite possible into your eyes or mouth. I was lucky it didn't, but push very slowly to avoid this. This isn't something shown or needed on the other design used on earlier D4D BMW engines or on any of the videos I could find. Please be prepared.
  3. That's perfect guys, cheers. So like most new cars, let the dealer service it to keep the warranty in tact. And even then it's the same as any petrol car, with the added need to just let Toyota do their battery health check even after warranty once per year to keep the hybrid / battery warranty valid? (I'm assuming there is an extended warranty on the hybrid / battery system that goes beyond the 5 years?)
  4. Hi forum, my aunt just got a late 2020 GR Sport Corolla. It's a phenomenal car having had a look and a drive in it, kicking myself I never spent more and bought myself a Hybrid Auris now (since the Corollas are still a bomb to buy!). We usually do all the servicing and repairs ourselves, not that their old Yaris needed anything more than brakes and servicing before being wrote off. Now with this new 1.8 petrol engine and Hybrid system, what sort of servicing can we do ourselves, and what is best left to our local Toyota dealer? I have heard that so long as you get the Hybrid battery service, you can't go wrong in the long term with the warranty covering any catastrophic failures (not that I've heard of any). How often is the Hybrid battery service needed? every year or every few? Other than that, as for oil changes and the likes, is that all the same as any engine, DIY and similar enough procedure? Or are these new beasts truly best left to the dealer?
  5. You'd need to check with a Toyota dealer or if there are any Japan-centric brand / Toyota breaker yards around who would know off the top of their head. I can imagine the sheet metal door will fit, but the electric connectors may be different over time, and the join between the front of the interior door card trim (where it meets the side of the dashboard) might not fit since our facelift T27 models have a much more modern dash, there might be a different fit to the door? Good luck and please share for future reference once you find the answer. Ps, we tried pulling the dent out of the back door of a 2010 Peugeot 3008 (an old beat up one) and because of the position of the crash protection bar inside, it wasn't as easy / simple as we thought. So sometimes a new door probably is unavoidable.
  6. Hi guys, thought I'd share something I noticed this week. I bought a genuine fuel filter for my 2018 D4D 1.6 Avensis diesel at my local Toyota dealer. I had watched a few videos online showing how to replace the filter on these last facelift models with the BMW engines and it was a metal canister style filter in all of the 3-4 detailed videos on YouTube. When I opened the box from my dealer, I noticed what I have is a round cylinder like paper-fin filter and rubber ring/gasket - NOT the metal canister. I initially thought this was a mistake but looking at the MAHLE part catalogue I can see until 02/2017 the old style was used and after this, the paper element insert only. Anybody else noticed this? I can't find a tutorial on the new style but I assume it won't be too different (same spot / bolts needed to release it). I wonder what the design change was made for..
  7. So I got the windows tinted on Friday, originally set out for 20% to be safe but lat minute decided to go with 5%. I’m shocked by how well it looks to be honest, it wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste but I like how shady it is inside now.
  8. I know - it'd be a hateful proposition. I did a lot to my last car as well, all to waste. The whole idea of doing all this maintenance - and going a little OTT was to keep the car for its lifetime. I'd not accept any less than I bought it for (12k) but I'd still be at a near £700 loss when you add up the service, brakes, fluid changes, etc. That's true. My only real fear would be covered up structural damage, but there is no hard evidence of that. So far, it's 50/50 if the car has been damaged up the side (perhaps hit a wall or something when parking, or another car brushed it) though it'd be a mystery to me why that scuttle panel was replaced. There is an original Toyota etched windscreen too, I suspect a cracked one would be replaced with an Autoglass special no-name part - and even a minor bash would probably crack the windscreen. But it appears original. I'm glad you say that about the marking - in my mind, I couldn't see why the factory would do this at all. I'll definitely get a look at Joe's sometime when we eventually get a meet. I reckon since it's a used car, superficial repairs would be considered reasonable (so long as not structural) so I wouldn't be able to argue that. I'll give this a go if it comes back. I have to admit, Toyota's Airco cleaner has worked so far. I'm impressed. It's a very clinical chemical smell but one that isn't too overbearing (like a Turtle Wax spray produce I used) but it smells like there are serious agents at work in that foam. I sprayed inside each of the vents (the instructions didn't say to so that was my chancery), but my idea was this would kill any bacteria or gunk that found its way inside - I'm thinking the under seat vents someone might have spilled something inside of in the past. So far it's working but I'll report back if my original smell problem comes back. For £14 - if it works - I think that's a bargain. It's a Toyota branded product, but I suspect 'Airco cleaner' is made by another company who white labels it out to Toyota and other names. But the approval from Toyota as a dealer treatment means a lot to fussy owners like me.
  9. Scotty Kilmer is a legend, big Toyota fan too. The spray cans are ok but the stuff I got was genuine Toyota stuff the dealers use, and gets right into the evaporator / condenser (or some part of the system that sounds complicated) lol
  10. Since buying the car there's been a bit of a rotten smell which goes away after the first start of the day. I changed the cabin filter a couple of months ago, since the smell might have been related to that... but nope, still there. I bought some Toyota Airco Cleaner spray from the Burrow's eBay store - genuine stuff. Removed the plastic scuttle panel on the passenger side to find the air intake. That's where this particular bottle says it must be put in (I saw the videos on YouTube showing a different two part genuine air con cleaner but couldn't find it in the UK). The little hose went right in, and it said to spray the entire bottle. Problem was, half way through it foamed up to coming out of the intake - I let it go a while, then decided to spray some into the deepest part of each interior air vent (that might not have been recommended) including those under the two front seats. Then you wait 30-45 mins for it to drain out as a liquid - which it did from under the car from the AC system drain pipe. Whether or not it works, I will report back. The car sure does smell fresh (if not a little strong with chemicals). Second part is whilst doing this and waiting, I cleaned up all around the intake and the scuttle panel itself and discovered some blue markings under the part... This is making me think the car has been rebuilt frankly. I've had some doubts this year to be honest and I posted the other day about the paint being a bit funny looking on the lower side doors... Surely nobody at the Burnaston factory was walking around with a blue marker numbering parts to go on mass produced cars?! Question is... does this give me enough proof to potentially reject the car? If it's damaged and repaired - whether the independent used car dealer knew it or not - I feel this is sufficient grounds to reject the car. Why would this rarely replaced panel have ever needed replaced? I don't particularly want to part with the car having put £400 into brakes, £100+ into servicing and things like that. My uncle said even if it has been damaged and repaired, it's been done so to the point where the cars running perfect, driving perfect so it'll never bite me in the ***** down the line like some botch jobs might... BUT it's sort of the principle. A Category S/D/whatever car would be a few grand less than one that's 'fine'. Should I dispute this? 4/6 months warranty so far.. had the car around 3 months now. They still have some obligation to me, and also the Consumer Rights Act (or Sale of Goods Act) I'm sure covers situations like this? ...and finally, I cleaned up the scuttle plates with some bug and tar remover, wiped down to clean and some trim gel rubbed on to keep it black and fresh looking (albeit surely not for too long).
  11. Both sides in that area do look identical. It seems in that 'rounded' pressed in shape part of the lower doors, it looks like the paint was running down as it set... I'd hate to think that's how Toyota would have done it from new. It's an ex-lease car and the rear bumper has definitely had a tonne of knocks and scratches (with varying quality repairs) but I knew that when I bought the car and wasn't the end of the world. I wonder where or who I could take it to to get it checked 'for certain', as if it was damaged and repaired I'd potentially be able to reject the car but I don't know who could 'certify' it as such.
  12. Hello guys, was testing out some of that new Graphene Turtle Wax spray. One side of my Avensis I spotted the paint is like this… it’s giving me a suspicion my car might have been damaged and repaired in the past… what do you think?
  13. In my experience, it's the local mechanics and repair places that do the makeshift solutions and charge through the teeth... I'd deffo recommend anyone with the DIY skills do a job like the exhaust themselves if they have the jack / stands and tools to do it safely. Had an older car which a mechanic had butchered by welding the exhaust sections together at some point... previous owner (my granny) had no idea that it was done that way and probs paid through the teeth for it. Whole pain then when it broke on down the pipe for us to replace..
  14. Hi Corolla folks, a relative of mine is looking for a brand new Corolla. They were prepared to pay up to around 26-27k for a split new one with all the options, Excel trim. Given the current chip shortage (long wait times) and the excuses dealers are using to raise prices on used cars atm (ridiculous used car prices costing as much as a new one) they are debating between buying a new Corolla and waiting it out, OR, going for a 2020 or so Excel model. There is less choice in NI and they cost more than they're worth at the best of times by Mainland prices.. the cost of a 2019-20 Excel is the same as ordering a new one sometimes I believe. How long did you wait for a new Corolla? Any tips on things like options that might be wise to choose for a faster build and delivery?
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