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  1. If i remember correctly, it means "look from the back", so it may be pin #2 Also, i had reverse indication on black wire(originally -6v according to aftermarket adapters) in camera connector, when it was disconnected from HU. when connected to hu, hu forced 0v onto it
  2. Finally got to this friend's car. In hidden menu, Vehicle signal does register reverse gear, but no second page in function check. I will try to measure 6v and splice rca to see image on external tv Edit. I do get 6v out on hu and camera shows on external tv. I'm thinking about upgrading firmware to HU manually. Any suggestions?
  3. Nothing changed on screen, i could operate it normally. Tried to find soft toggle for camera in HU, did not found
  4. Hello. Got Citroen c1 2017(aka toyota aygo) with 86140-0h010 x-touch toyota multimedia. After replacing battery, x-touch system no longer switching to reverse camera. Checked the reverse pin in connector, and it does recieve 12v on reverse, under-dash fuses are good and reverse light is working. I believe the camera is stock, but cant be sure. Any ideas what can cause/solve this problem?
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