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  1. best using the cig lighter, thats what i did very easy would that switch on when the remote unlock is triggered ? Thats what i'm after so that they are on as i approach the vehicle. :D
  2. Can anyone help i need to find which of the 6 cables to the ignition barrel is the feed so that i can use it to pick up and supply something else (footwell interia lights) Thanks for the help
  3. Hi mate, sorry for the delayed reply. Yes I got some footwell lamps fitted. After a bit of experimenting I fitted a couple of amber MES lampholders which I got from RS Components. It gives the footwell a really nice soft amber glow when entering and leaving the car. A good mod I feel. I am planning (weather dependant) on fitting an amber lamp to illimunate the cup-holder area in front of the gear stick this weekend. Again, I have already experimented and found that a 6W 12Vbulb dimmed down with a 15 ohm resistor is just right. This mod works for me for two reasons, firstly to illuminate the after-market seat heater switches I fitted and secondly for the classy feel it gives at night to the car. I have tried taking pictures but they don't show it up well, however, I can take some of the lamps in place if anyone is interested. ← post them up would be interested as i have lost the use of the centre interia light having fitted the dvd player over it. The dvd player does have lights but these need to be switched on/off and do not operate via the door switchs. stay_aliveUk Hi, i have just completed the boot light mod looks great, and have brought some lights for the footwell mod, where did you pick up the feed for these mate. Cheers for the help Hi mate, I picked the supply up from the light which illuminates the ignition key barrel. To get at it you need to remove the cowel around the steering wheel which is three screws and then pull the two halfs apart. Feed the cable back to behind the centre console to where the two lamps are to be fitted. No more than half an hours job feeding the cables properly. Hope this helps Hi, just getting around to fitting these as the nights are closing in. stay_aliveuk which of the cluster of wires is the right one to use buddy there are 6 wires to choose from. Cheers
  4. Thanks Gary, I took a look but can't find the Avensis 2.2 D-4D listed on the Van Aarken site. give them a call or email them
  5. this unit here is what toyota sell it's just rebadged.
  6. Which price ? Toyota £800 aken £400 its the same unit just re badged
  7. Anyone tried one of these ? here
  8. Seems theres another product on the market here
  9. check this out guys here
  10. I contacted these guys and they informed me that they could not supply due to contratual obligations with Toyota, but they passed on my request for details price etc. I had a reply from Toyota how could sell me a unit and the cost would be nearly £800 inc postage. Think this is a little stepp when i know someone who brought a unit from the makers for under £400 thats some mark up.
  11. no one tried it then on a Rav ? A guy i work with has just fitted one to his homehome and reports good results
  12. Anyone seen this before or tried it out ? The van Aaken smartbox
  13. fitted one of these http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/mk-5-Escort-interior...1QQcmdZViewItem works a treat
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