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  1. Hi guys. I have a P reg Carina E 1.8 CD auto. I'm looking to make it a little quicker. I've already replaced the cat and mid box with a straight through pipe and junked the air box in favour of a cone filter with a vent in the bonnet to feed cold air in. Has anybody gone really far with these lean burn engines? I don't know why they make so little power as stock, but hopefully i'll improve on it. Ideally i'm looking to achieve around 130hp. In the end, i shall run Greddy emanage blue piggy back ECU, but what else can i do in the mean time? Does anybody have any experience of the FSE powerboost valves?
  2. Hi. Does anybody know weather or not ST182/ST185 front shock absorber inserts will fit into the ST162 strut, and what difference it will make compares to the ST162 part. The part numbers are different, but most toyota's of this era use inserts for the front, and i recon they'll all be about the same physical size. I'll also be running PI lowering springs. Any advice please???
  3. Hi guys. I'm after a set of dark blue leather seats out of the J - P reg shape camry. Must be in good nick, but i'm willing to travel a long way to collect. Door card's are not required.
  4. It will be R12. This is no longer available. However, all good air con places will have a R12 reeplacement, R143 ( NOT R134) or R60. It will be the same price. They simply suck all your old gas on by attatching a vacuum pump tp one of your valves and then they will gas you up with the new stuff. As simple as that my friend. So any places that try and sting you for a few hundred to "convert" to R134, tell them to get notted@
  5. It is the engine that came with it, i was just wondering what power it was, thats all. I know the rev 2 is 155hp, the rev 3 173 and the rev 4 is 200, but there isn't much info on the rev one, and i dont wish to speak badly about you marko, but i'm sure the rev 1 it isn't 158 bhp
  6. As above really, the gen 1 with the T Vis system. I cant seem to get a clear figure anywhere. I've read of quotes from anywhere between 135 to 150 hp.
  7. engine oil - a decent quality 10/40 gearbox - dextron II or III ATF as for the overdrive, sounds like it isnt working to me.
  8. Hi guys. Does anyone have any good ideas how to improve the handling on my ST162? There doesn't seem to be an awful lot available, so all suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers.
  9. But you have a Carina E with EFI mate, not a carburettor. Big difference.
  10. 0-60 in 6 secs from a N/A model? I don't think so.
  11. Is the Rev 3 the 173 bhp one? I assume the mountings are the same, so it would pose no problem to drop one of those in. As mine is an E reg model, i'd be getting rid of the cat from the rev 3, and i've read that removing the EGR can produce some more horses, so that would be nice, and i should be looking at over 180 bhp then? The only thing that concerns me about that is the wiring. Can i use my existing wiring, or will i need to change the whole loom, in which case, how difficult would it be, and if i'm going to go to that trouble, i may as well drop a 3S-GTE in???
  12. Somebody must have some advice for me, pleaseeeee !!!
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