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  1. Hi anyone know if the gearbox (automatic by the way) comes out of the top, or the bottom of the engine, or does anyone know where I can get hold of instructions, or a manual that shows me how to do this? Many thanks in advance Gedders
  2. Think yourself lucky...I live in the sticks and can only get 512!!!!!
  3. if you want any 2nd hand parts I would reccomend either www.nipponspares.com or www.jap-spares.com, I have used them both, and both know their stuff. Gedrick
  4. Have you treid ebay??? there is normally a lot of stuff on sale there for celics, just do a search for celica on the home page! :hokus-pokus:
  5. Bugger me you guys are good, B) where do you get all this stuff from, I've been trawling the net for hours, but not come up with anything!!!!!
  6. I agree with Frodo, putting in a cone is usless, unless you want to build in a box round it like what Daktari has done in his, the better and easier option is to replace the filter with a performance one and drill holes in the bottom of the box to improved airflow. Its easy to tell if its an import as there will be little bits of japanese writing in places, but the most noticeable bit, unless I'm mistaken is that the rear numberplate will be square if its an import, otherwise it will have the normal rectangle shape if its UK spec.
  7. Ahhhhhh OK, got it now, cheers for that, thought I was going mad!!!
  8. Has anyone else noticed that the times are out on the forums since the clocks went back???? I know its a pointless point to pick out, but I just realised, and wondered if anyone else had! Or should I just :!Removed!: and stop being a picky sod!!!!! :D
  9. Like most things, I looked in Google :bookworm:
  10. Help I need a drivers side pretensioner for a celica gen 5, and need one quick as, for 1 its illegal to drive with a dodgy seat belt, and 2, the MOT is coming up!!!!! Anyone got one for sale???? Let me know the price, and if possible delivery price as well. Ta, Gedders
  11. oh goodie, but it was the 4WS light that was flashing the code!!!! :ffs:
  12. How about adding a I Dont Know option, because...I Dont Know :P
  13. On my last car, the oil in the sparks was just down to a leaky gasket, got it changed for about 20 squids, as to the rest, I dont know, I only have the GTR Gen 5, but the GT4 geezers will be along shorlty.
  14. Just found this for the code 32 on another website saying code 32: Open circuit in E2 or short circuit between VC and VS What in gods name does that mean????
  15. I have the gen 5 celica GTR with 4WS, and the light came on a while ago, just got the coed for the fault, and it is coming up with code 32, but cant find anywhere that says what that code is!!!! Anyone out there able to help....someone must know!!!!!!!! Ta Gedders
  16. Heres one for you then GT4 BOOSTER, the code that is coming up is 32, I've checked it twice, and it is definatly the right code, but the list doesnt have that one listed!!!!!!! :censor: Any ideas????? <_<
  17. Ok, another thick question, probably, but how do I read, and sort out what the fault code is when I bridge the two connections. Or would it be better and go and see Mr T, but this is gonna be the expensive bit!!!! :censor:
  18. Thats what I would put it down to.
  19. I know what all you guys say about the 4ws system, but what I want to know is where are the tanks that all you guys go on about making sure they have enough fluid in etc. And also, if I find them, what do I use to top them up????? I have the gen 5 gtr, if it makes any differnece Ta Gedders
  20. Gedrick

    Gen 5 Gt

    yup, thats what it was when it happened to me, get it changed, jobs a goodun'!! :D
  21. Gedrick

    Gen 5

    try www.nipponspares.com mate
  22. Ive been registered on eBay for a few years now, and I need to find a way of stopping myself from typing in celica into the search, my bank managers gonna hate me at the end of the month!!!! :cacker: And the site is VERY addictive, not good coming up to xmas!!!!! :P
  23. Gen 5 all the way baby!!!!!!
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