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  1. Tried that too and completely dead but plays fine through my earphones! Good news though is they are replacing the USB port in the car on the warranty so won't cost me any pennies 😊 !
  2. Just got back from Toyota and they conclude that the USB port in the car is faulty and have agreed to replace this on the warranty so hopefully this will cure the problem. Once again, thank you for all your replies.
  3. Thanks for all your replies. Much appreciated. I went to the Toyota dealer yesterday and they seem to think that it may need a new USB port. I borrowed an adapter which they programmed into FM and all the USB's played everything that my Mac says is on there on there rather than a random selection of a few songs (max 12 - some only 2 on different USB's) When it is switched on with this FM adapter in place, the voice tells me it is connected to Bluetooth so I guess this is some kind of bluetooth converter. They also lent me an adapter for my shuttle but that still doesn't work even though it's the correct adapter and this doesn't play through the other adapter either . I do use iTunes for the shuttle and, having checked, they are all listed as being on MP3? Unfortunately, I don't have windows and have no idea how to 'rip' CD's or how to 'convert' . I'm totally lost with computers I'm afraid being 70 yrs old - my late husband used to do all this sort of thing for me - I don't have (or even desire) a smart phone which apparently would make it a lot easier..? I've even asked Toyota if they will install a CD player for me lol!! But, alas, they say this is not possible in the Aygo I have Grr! . I am returning the adapters today so hopefully they will be able to solve the mystery. Thank you for all your help and I will let you know how I go on - Brenda
  4. Hi - I'm new here and have just exchanged my beloved Yaris of 13 years for an Aygo X-pression convertible type. I am not very tech savvy and miss my CD player very much 😞. I have tried to upload music onto flash disk but cannot get more than 12 songs played back even though my computer says there are over 70 songs on there. I have an I-shuttle which I use at the gym containing all my CD's (over 700 songs) I have been told by Toyota this can be connected to the audio system with a jack plug and an Audio A plug? Having looked at these on line - they are not the correct fitting for the port in the car. Any help would be much appreciated. Thankyou Brenda
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