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  1. Thanks. Does that mean that if I buy a mini-vci Techstream cable, like this one, I will be able to read fault codes, engine data etc? I have read a bunch of threads about people being able to customise things like the behavior of the central locking, lights, alarm etc, using the Techstream software, on cars as old as 2004. Does the Avensis T22 pre-facelift support any such options?
  2. Thanks for the helpful response. Does the lack of OBD2 support mean that I am out of luck if I try using Techstream? If so, what diagnostic tool does the car support? Asking out of curiosity as I don't have any fault codes currently.
  3. Hi all. I tried connecting a generic OBD2 code reader to my Avensis' OBD2 port, but it only said "Error communicating with ECU" or something similar. I am wondering if a cable like this one (link), combined with Techstream software will work with my Avensis, and if it does, what customization options does it give you? Thanks
  4. Hi everyone. I have a 2000 year Avensis. I can lock and unlock my Avensis with the remote, but the indicators won't flash to confirm that the locking / unlocking of the car was successful. Is there any way to make the car flash the indicators when it's locked or unlocked? Thanks Edit: It's the pre-VVT-i , MK1 Avensis if it makes any difference.
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