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  1. I'm not exactly sure how to find that out - I'll try and find out and let you know. A family friend mentioned it could be the alternator. I'll mention this when it goes into the dealer next week
  2. Thank you for the replies everyone. Shortly after posting the thread I saw the battery maintenance thread and have since read through it all! It isn't a hybrid vehicle - it is the standard petrol model. Having read the thread and considered the responses, I imagine it is the case that my battery simply isn't getting charged enough by its usage. In October, my commute changed from 40 miles return to 10 miles return. Therefore, it's getting around 10 miles 5 days a week and occasional longer trips when visiting family etc (approx 50 miles return). Therefore, I am edging towards the fact that a 10 mile return trip isn't enough to fully charge the vehicle. I have a 2012 Avensis which is used for the same commute (wife and I both work in the same place). However, we have never had the issue of the Avensis running out of charge. I suppose this is down to more electronics being in the CH-R?
  3. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

  4. Hi Hoping for some guidance. We have a 2017 Toyota CHR Excel which we purchased from our Aunty several months ago. She had it from new. Low mileage and kept in great condition. In the past couple of months, we've had to have breakdown out multiple times to jump the car as we have awoken in the morning and the battery dead. This is despite regular usage. This got to the point in early December where Toyota finally agreed to change the battery to a new one. They fought this - initially saying they had charged the battery and it was fine. We insisted they keep it another night and then run the tests again. They did so - and low and behold, the battery was significantly depleted by the morning. Therefore they agreed to change it under warranty. Fast forward several weeks, and daily driving through December, it is dead again. It hasn't been used for maybe 2/3 days over Christmas. Any ideas whatsoever? As it's a new battery, I think it must be something else causing this, but I know nothing about cars. We have called Toyota, they don't have space until next week, so breakdown are out again. Much appreciated
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