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  1. I can't find anywhere selling strut top bearings 2008 Avensis d4d estate, I have purchased the strut tops but no bearings
  2. I have,it's not any better Pressing priming pump makes it start, strange it has a priming pump lol I'll fit new fuel filter tomorrow, does it have a fuel pump in tank, can't hear one
  3. I seem to have started to post about the same thing lol
  4. The car starts immediately then stops, if I pump the hand primer it will start and keep going,but only just,there is power to the plugs for about 10 seconds, I have a new fuel filter delivered today I will fit it tomorrow, doesn't seem to idle 100%, but runs great, EGR looks new,does it have a fuel pump in the tank because I can't hear one πŸ€”
  5. Hi I'm bill got Avensis d4d for Christmas πŸ˜ƒ That doesn't like to start In cold weather 😱🀣
  6. Hi everyone 😎 I had 2008 AVENSIS EST for Christmas πŸ˜€ D4D 126hp It's a bad starter when it's cold ,it starts then immediately stops there is power to plugs but no pump in tank sound πŸ€” Should I hear it? Has it got one lol It starts if I use priming pump above filter, filter looks new,and I've got new one coming from Amazon, Embarrassing bad starter at 7am starts🀣 I've no idea how to look through forum 😱
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