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  1. Hi, I thought I would update you about my complaint of excessive tyre noise on my new Yaris Excel. After much consideration I bit the bullet and purchased a new set of Goodyear 205/45/17 EfficientGrip Performance tyres as the latest spec (577599) have recently been updated with their Electric Drive Technology. The reference 577599 also refers to the actual tyre size needed for the car. I’m very happy with the result as they are not only quieter but also improve the ride and the feel of the steering on the car. Still quite noisy on broken surfaces but on reasonable road surfaces the car is now whisper quiet. Just one comment, they don’t do W rated so I went for their V rated. I will just have to remember not to go over 149mph! 🥴 And yes, I did contact my insurance company (LV) and they were more than happy for me to fit them.
  2. A bit of an update, Toyota did eventually sort it for me, it does exist, I think it must be fairly new.
  3. I did try and it timed out so not sure what they were after. No bank details etc.
  4. Hi Frosty, I’ve visited so many sites that I’m not sure now, this is the email address.
  5. Any idea if there is such a forum as I can’t remember if I asked to join?
  6. Yes, I’m aware of that Tomv, something else to confuse me! 🥴
  7. Quite agree Chris but you know what insurance companies are like?
  8. That’s my point it’s fine at night when the icons are illuminated, not so good during the day.
  9. Yes I’m sure I could do something like that, just don’t get in the car when you are soaking wet! 🥴
  10. Yes I do but on this occasion we got into the car with damp coats and the screen quickly steamed up after driving off. Just needed a quick blast as the engine was still hot but I struggled to see the correct button to send the heat to the screen. As I had already started driving, it was not ideal.
  11. Hi Frosty, I tried that but it doesn’t make any difference, only by turning the lights on does it illuminate the icons. It’s fine in some lights but I’m struggling when the sun is low. I’m sure I will instinctively get used to the positioning of the various buttons when I drive it more but it seems to be a bit of a design issue.
  12. I agree, W rated tyres as supplied standard on the 17” wheel and have a top speed rating of 168 mph! However, they do recommend that you inform your insurance company if you are going to fit a lower spec tyre then the one fitted when new. Rubbish I know but insurance company’s can be very difficult if you don’t keep them informed.
  13. I was assuming they weren’t lit at all during daylight hours, I will try doing what you suggest in the morning. Cheers!
  14. I’m not yet fully familiar with all the controls on my new Yaris, especially the climate control buttons. In certain situations I struggle to identify the correct button to de-mist the front screen in certain light. I’m fine at night when the lights come on as the icons are illuminated. Is the only option to run on sidelights during the day or am I missing something?
  15. Not many do W load index, presumably I would have to talk to my insurer if I went down to V rated?
  16. Perhaps an all season tyre might be the answer then as the db rating seems to be around 68db?
  17. 31 front 29 rear, Toyota only recommended these pressures for the 17” tyres regardless of the number of passengers.
  18. I had a new Yaris 1.8 SR some years ago and had the dealer swap the Bridgestones to Goodyear Excellence before I took delivery and they were so much better than the test car I drove. Unfortunately Goodyear do not do those tyres anymore. Yokohama do the Advan db V552 which are advertised a very quiet tyre but they will not be available in the uk until the Autumn. My only hesitation is that they are an 88 load index rather than 84 and wonder if the ride might be even harder? 🤷‍♂️
  19. At speed you can’t really notice if the engine is running or not, the tyre noise drowns out the engine.
  20. Toyota only recommend one set of pressures for this size of tyre regardless of the number of passengers, 31 front, 29 rear.
  21. I looked at the Goodyears but I don’t think they do it in my size. I’ll look again but think they are about the price you quote for two.
  22. Hi, I took delivery of a new Yaris Hybrid Excel a couple of weeks ago and I’m finding the 17” 205 45 Bridgestone tyres to be incredibly noisy. Has anyone had a similar problem and found a quieter tyre?
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