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  1. Gerhard, Yes fingers down inside top edge, then run them down the side, cover pops off.
  2. Gerhard, re plastic covers at sides of tail lights, they are easily removed/replaced.
  3. Please find attached pics of repair around hinges, As requested by Gerhard, As you can see loads of paint applied, covering what who knows?.
  4. Well, Here is the update, nothing strange, its taken 6 weeks for Toyota to deal with the matter, Vehicle went into approved body repair shop (Fix Auto) on Monday 23rd May 09.00hrs, I was informed the work would take 5 days, Collected vehicle on Friday 27th 16.00hrs, Not had time to fully inspect work, but it is obvious there is a greater depth of paint on the whole section where both hinges mount, I understand the estimate of repair was high, So I guess Toyota had reason enough to sort the problem.
  5. Update, Its now two weeks since dealer checked vehicle, Have heard nothing from them , not even, Toyota are dealing with the problem, or rectification actions are being considered, We do not understand the problem, Or there is no problem, I will give them the rest of this the week. Then will go direct to Toyota to understand what their Customer value is when dealing with problems regarding potential warranty issues.
  6. Just on the social side of matters, Back at Le Mans 24hour this year to support Toyota Gazoo Racing, (and Ferrari) anyone else making the trip ?
  7. Update, Dealer has sent more pics and paint thickness results to Toyota today, also requested quote from approved body shop. Service manager had checked three other vehicles on site, one in show room, and one a 22 plate, he saw the same issue on the RH hinge, He informed me that the hinges are bonded to the body not bolted. I will further update when I hear more.
  8. TonyHSD . Other hinge has no obvious issue, what you see is rust, it has, and is getting more evident, this vehicle is 3 months old.
  9. Dealers last week. they took pics, sent to Toyota, back tomorrow more pics and measure paint thickness, perhaps paint not thick enough to cover rust, not pleased, poor poor quality control. reminds me of British Leyland, who checks on the checkers.
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