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  1. When I bought my car I wanted the sun/moon roof and with the Scarlet Flare it really looks good. The roof is usually open or up whenever temperatures allow.
  2. Yes Greg, the XM did have electrical problems on the series 1 cars because they reinvented the connectors, my car was an early series 2 that was very reliable. One of the main issues with the car was that so few were sold that most main dealers hadn’t seen one. I bought my car at two years old and it was still a demo car, As I found out to my cost, if something went wrong, find a specialist not a main dealer. The same thing happened with the C6.
  3. Agreed. I don’t think you can judge reliability my looking on a forum, by its nature, it’s used to find answers to problems. I had a Citroen XM for over 16 years with the first 5 being my only car. The related forums & the Citroen Car Club magazine were full of horror stores while had almost trouble free motoring.
  4. Agreed, been with Citroen since 1984, no major problems but a forum full of people with problems, admittedly with older cars. Still have a 1999 V6 Xantia that has been pretty reliable. Moved to Toyota because I didn’t like anything in the Citroen range. I was changing cars at about 3 yearly intervals as the warranty ran out. Toyota warranty is much longer and I feel confident that the car won’t throw up any issues. As said, it’s a Toyota.
  5. Never had the park brake stick/stay on. But as above, I have mine set to activate when in Park. I also have had the warning when I’ve been in “hold” for to long. Sounds like a fault, have a word with your local dealer.
  6. Back to topic - I believe that the system is deactivated when the light level is high, this includes under street lights. I’ve had several Citroens with auto lights and that is how they are set up. The system has gradually improved and the one in the Corolla is the best I’ve had. Big BUT, you still have to use common sense ‘cos no system is full proof and it can’t predict what may happen, it can’t see lights over a hump, we can.
  7. That’s the problem with having the dash lit up all the time. I remember when this started in the 70s? there were always car driving in towns without lights ‘cos they just didn’t realise there lights weren’t on.
  8. I’ve used a “soft” brush for years on both new cars and cars I’ve took to classic shows. But, the brush I use has a reservoir for car shampoo so there is always plenty of soapy water at the bristles. I live in a very hard water area and have a water softener so the water is also very soft. I don’t use any local car washers, I’ve seen what damage they can do and I also don’t let my main dealer “valet” the car after a service. I had the window screen of one of my Citroens so badly scratched that they spent hours polishing it, they thought they would have to fit a new one! Just imagine what the paint work was like, I soon changed that car.
  9. I don’t usually get much below a quarter but when I fill up the range shown is something like 540 to 560, I suppose that depends on how I’ve been driving.
  10. In the 60s most car manufactures started using thinner steel so although all the cars from that time rusted, the ones from the 50s lasted longer. I owned two 50s cars, a 56 Ford 100e Anglia and a 57 Hillman Minx convertible both when they were about 15 years old. Both were rusty but lasted for 16 & 17 years. I owned a 1961 Ford Anglia 105e that was starting to rust at 2 years old while my Dad bought a new MK1 Fiesta when they first came out that was so rusty at its first mot that you could see through the paint from under the wings and the doors were like paper. The mot guy showed my Dad how bad it was, he px’d it for an 1100 and never bought another Ford.
  11. It does seem strange that other manufacturers “up” the spec for the UK while Toyota seem to lower it. My Excel has a number of things missing that were in the 2019 brochure.
  12. I remember having a Renault 16 in the early 70s that had a galvanised body, I ran it for about 5 years with no sigh of body rot. At the same time I think it was Ford who set up a similar system but soon took it out because it was costing um to much, said it all.
  13. My 1.8 Marina was definitely unreliable and as said above, okay going straight but corners were a problem. Again as above, sold to a mate who lost it on a corner so finished up where it belonged, in a scrap yard with its mates.
  14. I’ve always been gentle with a new car & given it time to “bed in”. The first new car I bought was a Citroen 2cv in 1984 and the handbook gave something like the following info: Max speed 40mph for first 400 miles then gradually increase speed. There was also something about not accelerating hard for that 400 miles. That little 602 air cooled engine would run for ever if looked after at the start of it’s life. Throttle positions were on and off😄
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