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  1. Yeah it does seem to have happened after an update. I’m curious if anyone else is having the same problem.
  2. If I convert the mileage to KM then yes it seems spot on. But if I set the units in the car to Km it’s a little more than in the app. It’s very strange. I’m waiting to here back from Toyota on the issue. The app was updated yesterday in iOS but still the incorrect mileage is present.
  3. I thought I’d get some advice here first incase my issue does seem to be the case. At the end of December 2021 I purchased a Toyota from a franchised main dealer. I’m the second owner, car is a 2019 model. The mileage at the time was close to 21k miles as advertised on the advert. I downloaded the My Toyota App, and registered an account and inputted the mileage as shown in the odometer at the time and it accepted it no problem. The mileage would update on the app as I’d drive and it was all fine. Cue today the mileage has jumped quite high. I thought it was a bug at first on the app, so I deleted the car from my account and re-added it and it wouldn’t accept the mileage as shown on the dash. I then thought it’s maybe a issue with the account so deleted the account and re made a new one and still the same issue. So to fix the issue, entered the mileage as shown on the app previously and it accepted it and the car has been added to the account. Now until I contact Toyota tomorrow to find out where the mileage is pulled from for the app (ecu/transmission ecu) I have concerns that maybe a mileage blocker has been used by the previous owner and the car has been somewhat mis-sold. I might be overthinking a bit but just incase it does turn out the car has done more than it was advertised. Where do I stand? Can I return the car as it was not as described or another route? pics:
  4. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

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