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  1. I've been using the ''engine off - brake on and so on'' -method shown in the How to guide. Another way is described as Use a piece of wire to short out the pins 4 and 12 of the DLC plug Does anyone know if it is possible to just mount a button to easily short out the 4 and 12 pins ? It can sometimes be usefull to disable VSC, but it's kind of complicated to use the 1st way method while stuck. Ante
  2. I haven't changed my filter yet, but I've been driving around 1000 km's since the issue occured, and it haven't happened since. I'm going to change my dieselfilter, but will wait until the yearly maintenance coming up in a few months. Maybe it could have been something wrong with the diesel from the gas station ? Ante
  3. Thanks 👍 Will order a new filter and change. After looking around the forum, I'm thinking about the SCV. Can it be the troublemaker if not the filter? Saw some threads when 3-4 start attemps where needed when cold, and the SCV came up as a suggestion. Mine does so too, when outsidetemp is dropping.
  4. I've owned my 2007 Rav4 2.2D for a couple of months. My clutch isn't exactly smooth, and I regognize the downshifting symptom you're talking about. Comparing to my previous car, a 2006 Volvo 2.5T, the Rav4 feels a lot more like "a tractor". But i got used to it quickly and now I don't think of at all.
  5. Hi, I'm living in northern Sweden and bought my Rav4 a couple months ago. New years weekend I was driving up to our mountain cabin about 220 km north from home. After about 150 km constant driving approx. 80-100 km/h CC I stopped to turn to another road. When speeding up I noticed that the car started to hesitate when reving at the higher gears 4-5-6. I could drive around 100km/h tops, after that I had no power. In neutral i could rev normal, and nothing else indicated any problem, fine idle, no warning on display. Rest of the trip worked out but with lack of power/hesitation. On the hill up to our cabin I had to use lower gears and it kind of hesitated all the way up. The day after, problem was gone. Today my brother in law took the car home, the same way as me, and had no problem at all. The big change on my way up was that the outside temp went from -5c to -13c when the problem showed up. When really cold temp outside I need start it maybe 3-4 times, since it dies directly. Any tip of where to start looking ? Ante
  6. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

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