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  1. hi, wondering if any guys could help me with this problem - mot failed becos lamda reading was at 1.10 insted of maximum 1.03 but co and hc levels passed well no engine managment light ever comes on what could be the problem? (if had my cat replaced but they assured me the sensor was plugged back in ) new lambda sensor? cherrs guys
  2. my cat is off at the moment and i have no warning light so i presume this is due to the 02 sensor at the front of the pipe stil being on. wil it make a difference if i buy a universal cat and put it on (just for mot) as the car seems fine without the cat and thereofre without the second sensor/ temperature probe? the toyota cat does not come with lambada sensor either.
  3. my cat broke ! need to replace it for the mot but im havin problems working this one out as ive herd the paseo cat has an o2 sensor as well...the cat is taken off at the mo but there is no warnin light so im wondering if the o2 sensor is stil attached? i could get a universal cat at 23pounds (without sensor) or a spares at around 85 pounds please help!? MOT due today!!!
  4. hi mate, yeah i agree paseos are very reliable niipy cars . the only problem ive had is the exhaust and the rear shocks. im wanting something a bit faster for the motorway now so im giving the heads up that im selling my beloved 97 black paseo si (only just decided havnt even had time to do the pictures yet!) 97 k very good condition, private plate, metallic black, full stainless steel exhuast replacement (with lifetime guarantee) full mot, taxed til july, professional subtle privacy glass , m3 electric mirrors with unique wiring so the mirror lights stay backlighted (makes the car look a lot younger than the standard paseo mirrors!) £2000 ono (will post some pictures soon) !
  5. never thought of that! which civic spares shud i be looking for then? are they wheel sizes the same? cheers mate.
  6. hey guys just wondering if any1 knows where i can get a single toyota paseo standard alloy wheel. i left my spare wheel outside and in the morning it was gone! !Removed! kids! or is there anyone selling it second hand? any help much appreciated!
  7. ok thanks, i saw some for sale on ebay recently, they are not yours are they?
  8. i am interested in the standard shocks and springs just as long as they are in good condition, as mine need replacing due to the oil leaking, which i heard they are prone to. Thanks, niv
  9. yea i have the same problem with my paseo alarm. The alarm u have chhosen on ebay is a nice bit of kit but it will generally require fitting by an autoelectrician and this could prove to be expensive especially given the auto start. when i had my electric indicator mirrors the electrician was workin on it for about 2.5hours. insurance will not go down with this alarm but it will not go up either. For complete fitting u may be looking at £150 as max guestimate? let me know if you have it done as i am also looking for an alarm kit. chhers niv
  10. i am ordering some 17" chrome alloys for my paseo. will it make a difference whether i order 4x108 et40 or 4x100 et40 as 4x100 et40 is out of stock. they r both 205/40/17 also do u think i should go for the tyre upgrade to high/premium performance? thanks niv
  11. the rear standard shockers on my paseo now need changing.... does anyone out there know where to get kyb shock absorbers from as im having problems sourcing them on the internet. any help much appreciated thanks niv
  12. I have some 35mm lowring springs for my paseo and i want to fit them with the standard paseo alloys...i will be gettin some 17"alloys when i have the money but is it advisable to lower the car on staandrad alloys before getting and fitting the new alloys? chhers niv
  13. hi, i would be interested in the tinted rear lights, and possibly the m3 base plates, but does this include the mirror? What is your price for the alloys? Will you be putting these items up for sale soon? chhers niv
  14. wel there are universal mouting says that you mite have 2 cut/jig it to fit perfectly...
  15. hi guys, just wondering if anybody out there has custom mirrors on their paseo beacuse i am intending to get some for xmas. i notice the one on directcar parts website have mouting plates with them. The only thing that is worrying me is that i have electric standard paseo mirrors, im guessin this would work with the new customs. thanks niv