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  1. On 2/24/2022 at 3:14 PM, loz8 said:

    Has anyone viewed the safety test on uTube?. Proace auto brakeing wrecks a car and sends pedestrian to the Pearly Gates.

    With this question, the least you could do was to post the link to the YouTube film. 

  2. 8 hours ago, FROSTYBALLS said:

    Don't think the UK has the 4x4.

    Thought so. But I was hoping for some response from the other (non UK) members. I know, it's a long shot to post here, but this is Europe's biggest Toyota forum.

  3. Hi all, 

    My name is Wolter. I'm a professional arborist living in The Netherlands. 

    Last month I've put my signature under the contract to buy a Toyota Proace Worker 4x4. And as I did when purchasing my other cars I searched the internet to find an appropriate forum to learn more about my new car to be. 

    To be... In this case it'll be a wait until at least August/September. 

    Untill then my trusted Ford Transit Custom will have to keep doing the job. 

    Why the Proace 4x4? In the last year my work has shifted from being a climbing arborist in the urban regions to more teaching for one of the forestry schools here in The Netherlands. This means getting into the forests with a trailer with a ****load of chainsaws and other equipment that the students use during the day. Was my Custom up for that job? Well, surprisingly better than the Transporters I owned. But still every now and then I got horribly stuck in nowhere land. 

    Having owned a Lada Niva and driving the schools Defender I knew that a 'real' 4x4 was not my cup of tea. I like big boot with a low floor is my thing. 

    After owning two Transporters I knew that I really didn't want a Synchro. Tord was no option either. They don't do a 4x4 Custom. So the search ended at the Peugeot/Citroën/Opel/Vauxhall/Toyota brotherhood that worked together with Dangel 4x4.

    This will probably be the last van I'll buy, so I'll treat myself with somthing nice. 

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