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  1. Exactly this, I was reasonably happy with the deal I was getting from my dealer but I stuck my details into Carwow and although the dealer had knocked a grand off without me really pushing they matched the Carwow discount so I got £4500 off list price incl the Toyota deposit contribution.
  2. To be fair the sales person would probably try and push you into a car that is more readily available , the 2.0 litre isn't about Motorway use in my humble opinion once you are at cruising speed I would suspect there would be very little difference unless you need a sudden increase in speed. I have done both motorway use and a lot of uphill down dale use in the Peak District and the quiet smooth pick up in performance is exactly what I was hoping for from the 2.0 and I have the re assurance that if I need the boost in power it's there. I was dreading coming out of a 2.5 litre turbo Impreza but so far it's been no big deal. The HUD by the way is fantastic.
  3. Well had our Corolla now for 3 weeks and I must say we absolutely love the car, the re search before hand has paid off to find a car that is great to drive and fun and doesn't look mundane and boring. We have done a fair bit of varied driving and the car is great at tweaking my driving style to obtain the most from its performance and economy. The only niggles we have is the constant having to sign in to the connected services, and a sqeak/ creak from drivers seat which was sorted by fully reclining the seat and then reverting back. The 2.0 litre gives me a great combination of performance and economy and I reckon my Impreza mate for the past 13 years would be happy with the new wheels.
  4. I was planning on testing both, but I tested the 2.0 litre and it still gave me a smile on my face after a reluctant move from a 2.5 litre turbo impreza. The fuel economy in comparison is amazing and the noise levels from the cvt/engine are very good compared to what I was expecting. I did a trip at the weekend of about 50 miles in the Peak District and returned just shy of 60 mpg and we are averaging about 50 mpg including my wife's very short commute, so the economy on a new car is excellent. Pretty sure I would have noticed a difference with the 1.8 but it's horses for courses and the small economical benefits for me didn't matter when I was used to towing a fuel tanker around.
  5. Definitely stick your details in Carwow, I saved 4.5 k on List price incl the Toyota deposit contribution, my local retailer matched the best quote on Carwow. Space saver isn't exclusive to 1.8 models, my 2.0 GR sport has the space saver.( the retailer didn't know this either) Economy is fantastic, we haven't run ours in yet and we are getting just shy of 60 mpg on a run. The Heads up Display wasn't something I was bothered about but it works really really well and links great with the satnav. Performance of the 2.0 litre is very good. Android auto works well but the nav system on the 22my is good so we use that. Connectivity is poor with regards usb ports (GR sport only has one) Not tried any nav updates yet but it's included for 3 years The hybrid system works very well and the display is great for getting the most from this. We had our last car Subaru Impreza for 13 years so were a bit unsure of this car but we love it, it's not perfect but a great all rounder.
  6. So I saved about 5 gramms of weight with a cheap paint finish but added a fair bit in comparison with a bi tone roof and don't forget the weight of the spare wheel and it's accessories that isn't listed on the spec sheet so all things considered the weight thing is still a Red Herring.
  7. Glad it's not just me that's not found the share to car feature, I didn't read anything that said it wasn't currently available so that's good to know. I downloaded the separate Multi media manual that helps. The heads up display links really well with the Nav and it's a great feature. Hopefully future updates will tweak any glitches .
  8. Thanks all for confirming it's not just mine, I've worked in the trade forever and it's new to me apart from the under bonnet and tailgate areas, Tailgate on mine is fine bye the way. I think we all know the weight thing is a red Herring all things considered and it's obviously a money saving exercise, that said I am perfectly happy now I know this is the norm. Not quite 2 weeks into ownership and we really love the car, it has its faults but so do most but the positives are very pleasing and Toyota obviously know there stuff when it comes to Hybrid tech. So really looking forward to enjoying the car.
  9. Scarlet flare, without the Scarlet
  10. I know on ours you have to chose what you want to activate when switching devices ??
  11. Is it common practice for Toyota not to finish the paint job under the doors, Just noticed all 4 doors lowers edges have the base primer showing through. I know you don't see it but it looks naf and not sure about how well protected it will be long term ?? ( Corrolla gr sport my 22)
  12. Yep, they are looking into it for me. I think I may just disconnect everything and start from scratch again. There's always a chance the phone could be the issue or the fact we have 2 phones logged to my account but according to the handbook it picks the first bluetooth device up that it sees so shouldn't be an issue. Do you have the send to car on your app for nav ?? this is something else we seem to be missing.
  13. Did you sort yours, mine seems to have a mind of it's own, can switch off for 5 minutes and it looses the password but can leave overnight and it's ok. It seems to struggle to remember the connected phone, I'm on Android with a 4 year old Galaxy s10 so it could be down to the phone ??
  14. Take a bit of time getting to know your new car, I was new to Toyota and have worked in the motor trade for 35 years so can find my way round most things ...I don't know if my retailer took this as an excuse for a terrible handover but 90% of the time was spent sat in the showroom doing the final bit of paperwork then came the hard sell on all the extra's before a quick 2 minutes on pairing our phones which didn't go well before see ya. The online owners handbooks are great for reference and have answered most of our questions apart from the terrible connectivity issues, may be car but could be connected devices. The Corolla is a great car and we are growing to love it, it's a learning curve finding out it's capabilities and driving styles but it's a bit of a Wolf in Sheep's clothing , happy to cruise along in eco mode but equally happy to be enthusiastic through the twisty bits.
  15. We picked our 2 litre up on Thursday and we are very pleased with the torque and overall performance, I know I am not answering your question but we have just owned a 2.5 litre turbo impreza for the past 13 years which was a great torquey engine and although this is a totally different car the performance is very pleasing, the electric motor comes in far more than I expected even at higher speeds.
  16. I can confirm it doesn't seem to work on my Corolla, it's telling me it's all set up and tells me how long the subscription lasts. I get a red My T logo in the centre with 3 greyed out icons around this ....I assume they aren't supposed to be greyed out but who knows ??
  17. I find the system very frustrating, I also have to keep putting password in to log on. Just been and followed the connection process again so will check again tomorrow. I have no "send to car" on the app for the Nav, journey data is all over the place and speed camera's are turned on and audible but the system isn't picking them up. Everything else on the app is telling me i'm connected. I was even getting alerts when my car was at the dealer telling me the doors were unlocked and what journeys it had done from the compound to workshop for pdi, The sales guy was very surprised I was getting any of that without logging my phone with the car. Hopefully it's just a clitch with the app
  18. My average speed today was 355mph and it only took me 16 minutes to get from Scarborough to Chesterfield 🤣
  19. Tyre treads have gradually been trimmed over the years we see some new cars with premium brand tyres with less than 7mm new. I was hoping my car won't have Falkens on when I get it Thursday, Budget tyres don't belong on these cars.
  20. Mine is with the Retailer today, 1 week after build start. My order was placed 31st December for a 2.0 gr sport in bi tone scarlet flare. My original date was 6th April, then 20th and then 27th so pretty quick everything considered.
  21. Well super excited, the car finally arrived at the Retailer today, the app has been pretty much spot on to be fair and I had to ask the dealer to check it was there after they told me earlier today that it wasn't . Pick it up Thursday evening just in time for a weekend away in Scarborough😃😎
  22. My 2.0 Gr Sport Scarlet Flare Bi tone was ordered a tad over 3 months ago, it went into Build Monday and is now on it's way to the dealer. Ordered 31st December. Saved a good chunk by getting a Carwow quote and getting the Retailer to match it. About 14 to 15 weeks in total.
  23. To be honest I only noticed the map appear after the app was updated.
  24. Just received notification that mine has now gone into build stage so should get some good news soon, ordered 31st Dec, 2.0 hatch gr sport Scarlet Flare bi tone.
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