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  1. Hi, thank you for help! I did as advised. Looks like all accepted (I can only reject them). App still keep asking about accepting t&c and privacy as on previous picture ??? Screenshot from web site included. Regards Przemek
  2. I checked all options on Toyota website and in app as well - nowhere I can agree to terms and conditions. Can I delete my account and try to set one again?
  3. Will try, thank you!
  4. Hi all! I have problem with setting up MyT app account. Can not find place to acknowledge privacy condition etc. Picture attached. I would like to see my car order. I already put Vin number to app... Thank you for help!
  5. Hi everyone! Could you tell me please what is average range from full tank mostly drived in town?Engine 1.8 Regards Przemek
  6. Hello to everyone! I just bought TOYOTA C-HR. Regards from Devon.
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