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  1. Probably beyond my skill-set, but will check my local garage too. Thanks 👍
  2. Thanks for your reply - I've also been in touch with Toyota Direct Parts, and it looks like it's a complete unit without accessible and replaceable, individual bulbs or LEDs. I've not come across this issue on this or any other forums, so I suspect it's relatively unusual. I might check it out at my local garage. In the meantime I should be OK as long as I don't go over 120mph.
  3. That's good to know and reassuring - not that I'm looking to replace my Corolla just yet! If I was, would definitely look at a Toyota before anything else. 👍
  4. Hi all - just joined today. I own a 2005 Corolla, great car, solid, comfortable and very reliable. Are more recent models as good - what do people think?
  5. Hi - I've recently noticed that part of the illuminated dashboard/instrument cluster on my 2005 Corolla T Spirit has gone 'dark' - around the 120-140mph area of the speedometer - presumably because the bulb(s) behind that area have blown. I've searched on numerous forums, websites and You Tube videos but can't find any guidance on if the bulbs are replaceable and how to replace them on my particular model. I've found details and videos on how to remove the instrument cluster and replace bulbs for other Corolla models/years, but not mine. One video shows how to remove the instrument panel, and I've found 2nd hand replacement panels, but from close examination of both, it would appear that the bulbs are not replaceable. Does anyone have any guidance or advice on this? I've attached a couple of pictures (from the net, not from my actual car) of the particular instrument cluster in question .
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