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  1. Valuable information Thermal... I'll get it sorted . Thank you. Allan
  2. That's a great point Paul, I'm guessing it's only a couple of wires to connect. I've decided I'm writing to Toyota about this, I'm sure I won't be the only one to do so about this particular topic Thanks everybody for your contribution. Allan.
  3. That's exactly how they should be. I'll be following you're example ernie.
  4. Are they the ones that's in the link on the previous above posts.?
  5. Maybe if I get my pal who has his MOT garage to get the part for me to fit myself.
  6. Mine just has one of the switches illuminated .
  7. I wonder if Toyota would do the change.
  8. I said that about being dangerous, I'm going to change the switches too, I'm just wondering about the warranty. As the car is full and brimming with tech, how come a simple thing like illumination of switches is missing.
  9. Good luck with your new car flatcoat, and you’re quite right it’s not the end of the world, I’ll get used to mine eventually. I’m enjoying the Rav so I’m happy.
  10. It's not so much the mirror adjustment, I found looking for the switch to unlock all doors after stopping, again I'll say I'm not used to Toyota switch gear , and I'm convinced I will get used to it eventually I've been driving fords for over 20 plus years and all the switch gear was illuminated well it was in Mondeo Titaniums and Ghia x
  11. You’re quite right of course Frosty, I just find it personally dangerous fumbling around for the unlit switches at night. It’s not a big selling or asking point when you go to buy a new vehicle regardless of who makes them, as I stated previously, it’s my first Toyota, so have they always been like that.?
  12. Thanks fellas….that’s Toyotas loss.
  13. Thank you to all that's given the info needed, and to lawnmowerman, I know exactly what you mean about searching for those switches in the dark. What were Toyota thinking about, or not thinking about. Take note Toyota if you are watching.
  14. Thank you very much for the info, it's my first Toyota,I must admit the interior lighting and switch illumination is really poor for a vehicle in this day and age, but I will check out the link you kindly sent me and will try to upgrade it myself.
  15. Can anyone tell me why the interior lights in my new RAV4 Black edition are really not up to the job, and if there is an led upgrade for them, and also is there any illumination on the window switches and mirror switch. It's an aug 21 car. Thanks for any info Allan And happy New year to everyone.
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