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  1. Just ran out of washer fluid for the first time and was surprised the car didn't notify me that I was getting low. On the Toyota YouTube channel they state 'the car will tell you when you need to refill' Anybody know whether this is a feature the car should have and has since been omitted? Doesn't really bother me I just wondered. Have a MY21 excel HB
  2. I've noticed my MY21 Excel is noisy (certainly noisier than my previous car) but it seems to be excessive on certain road surfaces so I have put it down to the tyres. I also have the pan roof so not sure if that's noisier than a non pan roof car?
  3. I have just had a call from my local dealer and delivery confirmed for 1st March. Was told will be MY 21.5 and that they can't order MY22 until April. Not that fussed as ordered in September so didn't know about MY22 then. Looking forward to it. Hatchback excel 1.8 Pan Roof Manhattan Grey (wanted 2.0 TS but company car and wouldn't let me order that).
  4. I ordered an excel Hb in September. Delivery date was 30th April now being told 4th March! Hoping it will be my22
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