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  1. Rattle from the glove box area when driving on the rough surface, anyone? It's rattling when the glove box is closed, but no rattle when open. Can't figure out what part is causing that 🤔
  2. Funnily enough the petrol scale is 0-30, so if they were swapped, both would be usable.
  3. Can somebody explain me why the hell the current consumption gauge has scale from 0 to 10? The only situation when this car uses less than 10kWh/100km is when it's either not moving or you are going downhill ... is that this famous attention to detail in Japanese culture? ?
  4. I think this could be related
  5. If it was a one time event, I wouldn't worry about that. Even Toyota won't be able to tell you what and why was that. Maybe the engine needed some time to cool down?
  6. kucyk

    I want one!

    Pity no PHEV 😅
  7. Also, some of the smart chargers will allow you to set that too. I'm personally using Hypervolt and I've set the schedule in the charger. Tried the schedule in the Toyota app but it's a pain to use it as it doesn't remember schedules and you have to do it everyday LOL. Never tried the schedule in the car though. 7kW (car can take 6.6kW max) will charge the car from 0 to full in 2h30m-2h40m. The real amount of kW charged during the session is between 14-15kW.
  8. Surely @ernieb but the whole point of this thread is to be able to operate vehicle with one pedal only, using brakes only when you want to stop the car or brake harder. All I'm saying is in S2 it works pretty well, at least for me.
  9. From my experience, car doesn't change regenerative braking characteristics when in D mode, so not sure what you are talking about 🤔 Maybe this is fixed for HEV.
  10. That's probably right, bul low recovery X long time is unusable for the most of the time and you have to use the break pedal anyway, where higher / stronger recovery in short time gives you enough breaking power when approaching roundabouts etc. so you can keep your leg on the acceleration pedal. When you tried S, have you put it in the "gear" 2? The regenerative breaking is very noticeable at "gear" 2 (and it stays at gear 2 till 60mph or something around that) which allows you to drive without using the break pedal for the most of the time, something you can't do in the normal mode as in the normal mode, the car is just rolling when you release the acceleration pedal. What is pre-set automatic shift range?
  11. Recently having fun with the gearbox set to S2 mode. The regenerative braking is strong enough that I rarely need to use the brake pedal approaching the roundabouts etc, also it looks like I'm getting better kWh per mile. My theory is that the regenerative breaking is more efficient when not using the brake pedal. I discovered it after 4 of car ownership, so I'm sure there are more people like me. Give it a try and let us know what you think, I personally enjoy it 😎
  12. Weird, it's clearly in the oil, the question is how much is too much. Even Honda made a video about it.
  13. The Car Care Nut also talks about it
  14. I think you are wrong here sir. Petrol and diesel are always mixing with engine oil to some extent. The combustion engine which doesn't burn some engine oil wasn't invented yet, so if your oil stays at the same level during 10k miles interval, it means some of it was replaced by petrol / diesel. On other forums I saw RAV4 Hybrid owners doing lab oil analysis and the level of petrol was very alarming where the "oil" wasn't oil anymore. Toyota doesn't see this as a problem of course. I think I will just follow this guy's advice and change the oil twice a year as long as I'm doing short trips only, or take a car for a spin once a month.
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