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  1. The post was from Anchorman in a thread about Yaris Side Steps in mid June
  2. Baytree, No, it was an afterthought as I planned to install my older Nextbase cam from my previous car until I saw the nice new interior. I believe it is always a dealer accessory/ fit. If it was a factory option the fuse box lid could be put back on. 😁 PS you do not notice it missing.
  3. Baytree, Amanda, Paid dealer to fit the Nextbase Dashcam in the accessories list - front and back cameras. It is more of a commercial offering with no screen but I really did not need that. Good quality pictures but Make sure fitters use the USB connection in the supplied base plate for the front camera. First go they used the connection on side of camera and it was a little crude. Luckily I read the instructions. Make sure fitters set it so front lens is just below the dotted shading on the windscreen. Pictures on another thread of camera set too low. Make sure fitters do not line up rear camera lens with line on rear screen for heated window. 🤔 All dash came using piggy back fuse connection mean that fuse box lid does not go back on. I put my lid on with the manual. The dealer did a good job, took all day but that suited me. Also one from piece came loose and they put it back properly. PS there was a battery pack with the package I got that resides in the base plate. Other threads list alternatives but this suited me, with dealer responsible for any issues.
  4. Graham I meant to include the fact that I have the Smart Connect system that is supplied on both cars, for clarity. I doubt that Toyota maintain separate versions of their Infotainment systems for each car. You are correct that the Touch 2 and Smart Connect are different systems with differing capabilities.
  5. I hate to disagree with Flash22, as he has extensive technical knowledge, but my Yaris Cross Dynamic (Nov 21) has a USB memory stick plugged in for music and Android 11 phone connected wirelessly, providing Android Auto services. BUT it did take several attempts and restarts before it all worked.
  6. Yaris Cross Dynamic with Smart Connect system allows USB Stick to be used in single USB port with Android Auto via wireless connection. No problem switching between USB stick, Android Auto apps, Radio or Phone. The single USB port does mean you cannot charge the phone while working this way
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