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  1. Your Speakers have blown. They are paper cones after all. I replaced mine with 10cm Alpines. You won't get much "extra punch" in such small Speakers. What's annoying is that there isn't any other speaker with the same spacer holes. 13cms won't fit, so you will have to go with 10cm. I'd spend the money on the front Speakers where I think you will notice the real difference, although knowing Toyota, you may have to make your own mounts.

  2. This has been covered before if you do a search in the forum. The casette player can be replaced with any CD player. You just need to get a Toyota wiring harness. You will also lose the cd player functions on the pod at the top.

    hi, i have a Y-reg toyota corolla vvt-i 1.4.. its one where the head unit has been mounted on to the top of the dashboard...

    the current unit is strange, as the main controls for the unit are at the top, but the casette player is under all of the controls for the A/C etc.

    i want to try and fit a normal sony head unit into the car, but i was told from halfords that i would need to go to toyota to see if the current stereo is replaceable.. really want to replace it so i can fit the car with a subwoofer and new speakers.

    if anyone can help me work out exactly what i need to do to replace the current stereo, it would be much appreciated


  3. My Corolla's internal heater is playing up. A while ago, I noticed that the air being blown into the car was rather weak. I checked the pollen filter and found it to be covered in dust. I cleaned it, popped it back in and all was well. However, now the two middle vents only blow cold air whilst the outer vents blow warm.

    Jus wondering if the two clips in the pic have anything to do with it. ( they fell out from behind the heater ages ago when I replaced the CD player) I probably need to replace the pollen filter too right? I also check the coolant too.

    Cheers if you can help.


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